5 Deliciously Decadent Easter Pancake Ideas

This Easter Sunday, whether you'll be popping candy into plastic eggs for a backyard hunt with neighbors or gearing up for a busy afternoon with family, you'll need the proper fuel to keep you hoppin' throughout the day. And while you could opt for a protein-packed omelet, this weekend we'd suggest you aim to please and stick with the good stuff—pancakes smothered and covered in maple syrup:

1.) Buttermilk Pancakes  

Easter Pancake Ideas - Buttermilk Pancakes If you're trying to please a crowd, you can't go wrong with traditional buttermilk pancakes. Pile a stack of fluffy hot cakes on a plate and let guests top them with their favorite go-to ingredients. Make a topping bar that includes essentials like butter, chocolate chips, blueberries and whipped cream. To make 'em more festive, add a couple bowls of jelly beans, chocolate-covered eggs and other pastel-colored sweets and treats.

2.) Blueberry Skillet Pancakes 

Skillet blueberry pancakes

Who doesn't like a one-pan meal—especially when it's a holiday weekend? If you want to keep things simple this Easter Sunday, grab a couple friends, a cast-iron skillet, and a pint of fresh, plump blueberries. Once the ingredients are mixed together, pour a glass of bubbly because all you'll have to do is set it in the oven and forget it! In a mere 20 minutes, you'll have six servings to share and just one pan to clean. #winning

3.) Carrot Cake Pancakes 

carrot cake pancakes

Every bunny will love eating dessert for breakfast when they try a plate piled high with chewy, pillowy Carrot Cake Pancakes. So this Easter, grab a bundle of carrots from the produce section in your local super market and head to the kitchen. Armed with two cups of finely diced carrots and a couple tablespoons of raisins, you'll just mix up a traditional buttermilk pancake recipe and add those extras in. To top off each concoction, use maple syrup or cream cheese frosting—the choice (and calories) is up to you!

4.) Matcha Green Tea Pancakes 

matcha green tea pancakes

Easter Pancake Ideas - Matcha Green Tea Pancake If you're on a spring health kick, consider whipping up a batch of Matcha Green Tea Pancakes. Green pancakes may not sound appetizing, but the taste and antioxidant-fighting power are guaranteed to win you over. For extra protein, trade plain yogurt for Greek yogurt. And to add even more color to your plate, sprinkle a few fresh berries over top. After your first bite, you'll be on your way to an afternoon of zen—as long as no one's fighting over the last bunny ear of chocolate.

5.) Cinnamon Roll Pancakes  

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

What's better than cinnamon rolls for breakfast? How about Cinnamon Roll Pancakes topped with a cream cheese glaze. Sticky, sweet and gone in minutes. If you want to add a little protein and a bit of crunch, top each pancake with chopped pecans.