Cold Wire Plus: A Cooling Cover with Staying Power

If the flip side of a pillow ranks high on your list of favorite things—right up there with jelly-filled donuts and sleeping puppies—then Cold Wire Plus fabric is going to be a game changer for you. The light textile fabric is cool to the touch and will keep its cool throughout the night (or day, if a nap is on your agenda).

Muse Cold Wire Fabric Cover

Want to be cool as a cucumber when you sleep? You can find the innovative fabric covering our Muse mattress, Muse pillows and Muse mattress protector.

Because it is the lightest textile on the market, you can change sleeping positions a dozen times throughout the night and it will respond and conform to your every move. While you're sleeping, the comfortable surface deflects moisture and absorbs the ambient temperature around you. In other words, it acts just like high-performance athletic wear—moving body heat and moisture away from you to the surface of the Cold Wire Plus fabric where it evaporates.

With a mattress, pillow or protector from Muse Sleep, you will wake feeling dry and refreshed instead of all hot and bothered. Whether you're a clean freak or just prone to late night take out spills and splatters, the cover on our pillow and protector is removable and machine washable. Just zip it off and wash it according to the care instructions. It's as simple as that.

If you need more reasons to be a fan of Cold Wire Plus fabric, consider this: it's durable and environmentally friendly. That's right. When Cold Wire Plus fabric is manufactured, no chemical dyes are used and no harmful by-products are released. Plus, it naturally resists wear and is guaranteed to last. That's exactly why our Muse mattress is backed by a 10 year warranty and a 120 night sleep trial.