Different Ways To Celebrate The Fourth Of July This Year

The Fourth of July is an important national holiday that everyone celebrates differently- some go on vacation, others throw parties and some just take the day off to relax. If you're not sure how you're going to celebrate Independence Day this year, we put together a list of different ways to celebrate depending on your personality and interests because everyone should be able celebrate the holiday exactly how they want.  

For The Traditionalist  

If you would consider yourself a traditionalist and value tradition when it comes to celebrating holidays, you should celebrate this Independence Day the way people have been celebrating for generations: by attending a fireworks show. Most cities have multiple options and venues for fireworks on Fourth of July, which allows even more flexibility based on your location as well as crowd-size preference. Not only are fireworks fun for all ages, but it's a great way to celebrate year-after-year and pass that tradition on to future generations.  

For The Foodies 

If you have a passion for food and like your holidays to be centered around a good meal, then why make Independence Day any different? Celebrate this Fourth of July by hosting a cookout for friends and family. Hosting a cookout allows you to get as creative or traditional as you'd like with the feast; you can get creative and only have foods that are red, white and blue, you can take it easy and have the traditional hamburger and hotdog spread, or you could do a little of each! By hosting your own cookout, you have the freedom to have all the foods you love to celebrate with!  

For Those Who Are One With Nature  

For those who love being in the great outdoors, why not celebrate the independence of this country by exploring some of its incredible national parks. Whether you prefer to stay cool in the water while outside or like to sweat it out on a hike, there are plenty of options regardless of whether you live in the mountains of North Carolina, on the coast of California or in the flatlands of Illinois. Take the day to celebrate the Fourth of July by enjoying the beautiful national parks this country has to offer!  

For The History Buffs 

For those who love to absorb history any way they can, celebrate this Fourth of July by learning the history of America. If you want a more casual day, you can go to a local museum and take in all the historical factoids that you can while immersing yourself in a different time period. If you want more of an adventure, take a road trip to a different city and explore a museum centered around an area that you may not be familiar with. Whichever route you take, going to a museum is the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July and the history of the United States for any history buff!