Nightly Rituals (of the Rich and Famous)

How Celebrities Sleep A glass of red wine, a warm bath, obsessive Facebook stalking – we all have activities we like to do to wind down after a long day. Some sound normal enough while others are just downright weird (looking at you, Facebook creeper). Here at ViscoSoft, we're pretty obsessed with individual sleeping habits and strive to produce custom sleep products that fit into whatever night time routine you prefer. In this blog series, we will take a look at the normal, and not-so-normal, nightly rituals of famous figures throughout history.


President Barack Obama Sleeping Habits

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

A self-described “night owl”, the 44th President of these United States typically spends his last waking hours each night reading briefing papers and doing paperwork until about 11:30pm, then will reserve about a half hour or so of personal reading before going to bed, typically around midnight.

Not bad for a guy who runs the free world AND doesn't drink coffee.

Ariana Huffington Sleep Rituals

Ariana Huffington, Co-Founder Huffington Post

The media mogul and namesake of most people’s preferred bathroom reading chooses her nights to be completely screen-free, leaving all her electronics out of the bedroom. Instead, Huffington opts "to read a real book" made out of real paper and real ink before falling to sleep—presumably in a real bed.

What a hipster. See you at Coachella, Ari.

Singer Rita Ora Sleep Tips

Rita Ora, Singer/Actress

The British singer likes to sleep prepared for the worst, choosing to move any bed she sleeps in as close to the door as possible. Before settling down for her evacuation-ready slumber she makes sure she has four items – a lavender pillow, a candle, a blanket, and rose oil for her skin.

Always good to moisturize in case of an emergency.

Ben Franklin Sleeping Tips

Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father

Before hip hop artists were 'all about him,' Benjamin Franklin was a pretty impressive inventor/statesmen/scientist/postmaster/lothario and idealist. At the end of each day, Franklin asked himself the same question – “What good have I done today?” To answer, Franklin spent his last waking moments tracking his progress of self-improvement, and even outlined a schedule in his autobiography that he claimed would lead him to “moral perfection.”

Show off.

So whether you're striving for personal moral perfection or depend on meat loaf recipes to put you down at the end of a long day, ViscoSoft is here to help you build the best sleep experience for your own nightly ritual.