Predicting This Sunday’s MVP

Thanks to decades of complex studies and detailed analysis, we can confidently predict who the MVP will be this Sunday night. Frankly, the result might surprise you. No, it’s not a quick-thinking quarterback. It’s not a freakishly fast wide-receiver. Not a relentless linebacker, or even a game-saving kicker. It’s your mattress. That’s right. Sorry all you Patriots and Falcons fans, but neither Tom Terrific nor Matty Ice are going to play as large a role this Sunday as mattresses will.

A Tale of Two Cities

NFL Super Bowl MVP In a recent study done by Jawbone, it is clear that the sleeping habits of football fans drastically change the night of the game. In the case of the losing team, data shows that those fans will tend to go to bed an average of 20 minutes earlier than normal. It seems that those fans are desperate for the healing powers of a good night sleep. On the other hand, the winning side went to bed an average of 49 minutes later than normal, resulting in a loss of 47 minutes of sleep due to “excessive celebrations.” If you are curious to what those fans were doing with that extra 47 minutes, studies show that the cities of Super Bowl champions see a significant spike in birth rates around nine months after their team hoists the Lombardy trophy. We’re clearly not talking about extended high-fives here. In this instance, I would guess that a supportive mattress would be more valuable than any Hail Mary. Now, while the thought of cute and cuddly championship babies popping up in November seems uplifting, the effects for the losing side are not so adorable. Long-term studies indicate that the emotional stress fans feel after a loss can actually trigger fatal heart attacks. In fact, when studying the number of heart-related deaths in the losing city over the two-weeks following a Super Bowl, scientists saw a 15% increase in men and 27% increase in women. It’s important here to remind all fans that getting the right amount of quality sleep can lead to a decrease in cardiovascular problems, especially high blood pressure, a leading cause of heart disease.

The Extra Point

So whether your team wins or loses this Sunday, remember that your bed is going to play an integral part in both the celebrating and the sulking. To make sure you are getting your best night of sleep, take our Sleep Personality Quiz to find the mattress and pillow set that's right for you. And in the spirit of competition we are offering $150 OFF any Muse mattress from Thursday, February 2nd thru Sunday, February 5th using the special coupon code: MVP150 If those aren't MVP numbers then I don't know what are.