Sleeping with ... The Margarita Confessionals

Fresh off being voted Charlotte’s Best Podcast by Creative Loafing and Charlotte Five, Ali Washburn and Lauren Levine have emerged as the hilarious authorities on dating, friendship, and being single in the Queen City. Launching the podcast simply as two friends who like to drink margaritas and talk about dating, they have turned their friendly conversations into essential listening for those navigating modern singledom and relationships in our fair city. We here at Muse were so impressed (and entertained) by what we heard, that we wanted to join the conversation and are proud to be a sponsor of their special “Sleep Series” of podcasts.


Over the next nine weeks, The Margarita Confessionals will feature Ali and Lauren discussing the many ways sleep plays a role in their lives and the dating scene, including bedroom etiquette, sharing a bed with your partner, and much more. During the promotion, we’ll be helping their listeners get some better sleep through some special giveaways, exclusive coupon codes and local events. As the ladies at MC continuously find fun and insightful ways to talk about the importance of being yourself and finding the right partner, we couldn’t think of better bedfellows for the Muse collection.

Ali Washburn Lauren Levine Margarita Confessionals

Ali Washburn (left) and Lauren Levine (right) finding that Muse and popcorn go well together.

So what’s it like to get into bed with Charlotte’s most popular podcast hosts? Check out their answers to our sleep questionnaire below:   Margarita Confessionals Sleep Podcast Charlotte Muse Mattress  

 Margarita Confessionals Charlotte Podcast Sleep Muse Mattress