The Most Important New Year's Resolutions You'll Make in 2017

It's time to push past the drama of the 2016 presidential election, beyond the deaths of beloved Hollywood royalty (RIP Prince, Bowie and Princess Leia), and officially move on from the craze that was Pokemon Go. Yep, that's right. Twenty sixteen is officially on its way out. Ready or not, the ball will drop, the balloons will fly and "Auld Lang Syne" (aka the New Year's anthem) will play over countless speakers across the globe. As we rock our 2017 shades and party hats, we'll be silently recounting our resolutions while we pucker up for a midnight kiss. So what made our list for the next 365?

1.) Sleep 8 hours each night.

"Sleep is the best mediation," according to the Dali Lama. In fact, he devotes 8 to 9 hours each night to sleep. At ViscoSoft, we know there's nothing better than waking up and feeling well rested. We even have a mattress in our office, if someone needs a little afternoon pick-me-up! Chances are that Pinterest's endless scroll or the premiere of a new Netflix drama is partially to blame for your sporadic bedtime routine. Need a gentle reminder to get you into a healthier state of mind? Try the new Bedtime feature on your iPhone or the SleepyTime app if you're an Android user. With the help of this technology, you can set the time that you need to wake up each day and then select the number of hours of sleep you want to get each night (hint: for us, that'd be a glorious 8 hours!).

2.) Skip the snooze button.

We know it's so tempting to roll over and hit snooze. An extra 10 minutes in the cozy comfort of your bed sheets is pretty darn special. But squeezing in a few extra zzz's after your initial wake up call can actually leave you feeling groggy. Plus, that half-dazed feeling can stick around for two to four hours after you wake up, according to scientists. You can bet that's a caffeine buzz kill! The moral of the story? Consistency is key. Going to bed and waking up around the same time each day will create natural cues for your body. Meaning that overtime your body will adjust and waking up at 7:05 am on the dot won't be a daily struggle (we promise). Need something else to spruce up your bedtime routine?

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3.) Master a Skill in Your Dreams. 

Want to perfect your yoga practice? Or learn how to ace every tennis serve? Try it in 2017! But before you do, know this: sleep can help you master a physical skill. While you snooze each night, your short-term memories are transferred into long-term memories during your REM cycles. Translation: more sound sleep may help you land that eagle pose you've been working on for weeks. So, this new year, in an effort to be the best yogi in our local brewery and the sharpest strategist in the board room, we're resolving to make moves by day and nod off each night. bed, y'all!


Happy New Year from your Friends at ViscoSoft!