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The Muse Pillow
The Muse Pillow
The Muse Pillow
The Muse Pillow
The Muse Pillow

Cooling, dual-layer memory foam pillows with choice of loft. Supports each sleeping position for a restful sleep night after night.



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The Cool Side Of The Pillow. Always.

To design an amazing pillow that provides the right amount of cooling support and cushy give, we tested dozens of high-quality materials. When we found the right combination of foam and fabric, we engineered four different loft supports to fit sleepers of all shapes, sizes, and positions.



Getting Your Perfect Pillow

Low Loft — 5" Height

The Low Loft is a perfect fit if you change positions often. While this pillow can be scrunched up easily, the memory foam core will make it bounce right back.

Medium Loft — 6" Height

For back and side sleepers with narrower shoulders, this pillow provides support for your head and neck, allowing you to get more restful sleep.

High Loft — 7" Height

If you sleep on your back and have broad shoulders, the High Loft will cushion your body. If you sleep on your side, this pillow will comfortably fill the area between your head and shoulders, giving you the support you need.