With a choice of loft supports customized for each sleeping position, our cooling, dual-layer memory foam pillows deliver restful sleep night after night.

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Dimension: 25" X 16" X 7"

The Materials

To design an amazing pillow that provides the right amount of cooling support and cushy give, we tested dozens of high quality materials. When we found the right combination of foam and fabric, we engineered four different loft supports to fit sleepers of all shapes, sizes and positions.

Muse Memory Foam Pillow Fits Sleepers of all Shapes, Sizes, & Positions
  • 1 cold wire plus cover

    Our removable, washable cover is cool to the touch, keeping your head, neck and shoulders at the ideal temperature for deep sleep.

  • 2 molded memory foam core

    A layer of high-density molded memory foam provides cushy support that conforms seamlessly to every body movement.

  • 3 clustered memory foam

    A blend of high-quality shredded foam and hollow fibers lines each pillow to create a more responsive, breathable surface that prevents the build up of excess body heat.

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extra low 4"

extra low loft pillow

In our Extra Low Loft Pillow, the foam core has been removed, creating an extremely adaptable surface. It will keep your neck in a neutral position, if you regularly sleep on your stomach or switch often throughout the night.

low 5"

low loft pillow

The Low Loft can be adjusted easily if you sleep on your stomach or flip to different positions throughout the night. While this pillow can be scrunched easily, it will bounce back because of the molded memory foam core.

medium 6"

medium loft pillow

For back and side sleepers with less broad shoulders, this pillow provides support for your head and neck, while offering more adaptability, allowing you to experience more restful sleep.

high 7"

high loft pillow

If you sleep on your back and have broader shoulders, the High Loft pillow cushions your body. If you sleep on your side, this pillow comfortably fills the area between your head and shoulders.

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