How to Spend Time with Mom this Mother’s Day

Let’s be real for a second, your mom brought you into this world. You kind of, well, owe her. Step up to the plate to show her some love this Mother’s Day. Regardless of the miles between you or your budget, you can do something that’s sure to turn mom into a big ole’ softy for at least twenty-four hours.

Jot Down Family Recipe Favorites

Whether you remember chowing down on a platter of roasted chicken or slurping up bowls full of spaghetti and meatballs, we all have a certain fondness for our favorite childhood meals. Chances are you have a few well-worn, dog-eared index cards with family recipes scribbled on them, but consider spending this Mother’s Day transcribing just a few more and printing them on a tea towel. Ask mom how to make her famous chocolate oatmeal cookies or grandma’s chicken pot pie. She’s bound to love reminiscing about her own experiences in the kitchen and in the end you’ll both have a keepsake that’ll live on.

Walk or Run a 5K 

Forget about speed. Forget about the number of miles logged. Forget about the aches and pains that may follow. And just run—or walk, no judgment here. Why? Because we all want our loved ones to live forever and exercise has been linked to longevity. So this Mother’s Day, do something to jump start mom’s exercise routine. Who knows, it may spark a healthy interest in running or walking and become an annual tradition for years to come.

Head to a Local Botanical Garden 

Acres and acres of colorful flowers, towering sculptures, budding rose bushes and freshly manicured lawns? If your mom has a green thumb or an affinity for flowers, there’s no way she won’t be in awe strolling through a botanical garden. At most locations, admission ranges from zilch to $12. Now that’s a deal that would make momma proud.

Deliver Breakfast in Bed

Staying under the covers just an hour longer, mediating on the day ahead, sipping coffee and taking slow bites of pancakes drizzled in maple syrup. Whether you’re hours apart and call up Postmates to make a doorstep delivery or serve it up yourself, there’s just something magical about breakfast in bed.

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