About Us

Our Universal Belief

Muse is an American brand born from the realization that people aren’t sleeping well enough. Too many groggy-eyed people are waking up exhausted from sleeping on overpriced, poor quality mattresses fueled by expensive advertising. This understanding motivated us to imagine, research, and create a line of extraordinarily comfortable sleep products at an incredible value. We repeatedly invest in innovation, authenticity and a relentless commitment to a quality.  These features serve as the cornerstones of our brand and fuel our pursuit of improving the sleep quality for as many people as possible

The Muse Collection

Our Story

It is said that lasting inspiration must come from within. For Muse we found inspiration in our desire to make a mattress unlike any other. With bold design and an insistence on the most innovative foam and coolest fabric, we created a revolutionary line of products that perform as beautifully as they look.

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Sleep Sound. Live Loud.

Differences are meant to be celebrated—inside the bedroom and out. Whether you're big or small, a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, a solo snoozer or dozing dynamic duo, you deserve a great night's sleep. Choose your Muse and wherever your dreams are, Muse is ready to take you there.