The Muse Pillow

Cooling, dual-layer memory foam pillows with a choice of  three lofts. These luxurious pillows can support every sleeping position for a restful sleep, night after night.  Each pillow’s removable cover is made from our Diamond Breeze fabric.  This innovative material absorbs the room’s ambient temperature, providing a surface that is cool to the touch and stays cool all night long. 



Delivered in 5 - 7 Business Days

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The Muse Pillow


The pillow designed for all sleep styles.

Meet the Muse Pillow

Designed to provide the perfect blend of cooling, comfort & support in 3 different lofts to fit sleepers of all shapes, sizes & positions. The foam inside each pillow delivers the perfect amount of support while comfortably cradling your head & shoulders.

muse pillow corner mobile
muse pillow corner desktop
  • 3 loft levels text
    3 loft levels text

    3 different loft supports to fit sleepers of all shapes, sizes + positions

  • removable cover text
    removable cover text

    Our zip-off cover makes cleaning + maintenance super easy

  • cooling fabric text
    cooling fabric text

    Knitted with phase changing yarn, this cover is (seriously) cool

  • moisture wicking text
    moisture wicking text

    Moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry throughout the night

A good pillow could make a world of difference.

  • If you’re regularly waking up with neck & back pain, don’t just assume that you need a new mattress. A good pillow could be the actual (and much more affordable) answer to your problems. A nice quality pillow works to support the spine, which is naturally curved, by ensuring proper alignment.

pillow background green mobile
pillow background green desktop

One size doesn't fit all.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The innovative fabrics and cooling technology in our mattresses helped us create one of the most comfortable memory foam pillows on the market.  With the understanding that everyone has a unique sleep style, we required our pillows be constructed with three different loft options.

Photo of a guy stacking up a pile of Muse pillows
Photo of a guy stacking up a pile of Muse pillows

Let's talk lofts.

  • Choosing the right loft support for your body type and sleep preferences goes a long way towards a great night of rest.

  • Low Loft
    low loft muse pillow
    low loft muse pillow

    The Low loft is 5” of high-quality memory foam designed to deliver the most comfort for stomach sleepers that prefer a flat sleeping position with the head raised slightly. The Low loft pillow has been a favorite of our customers that slide one arm under the pillow while they sleep.

  • Medium Loft
    medium loft muse pillow
    medium loft muse pillow

    The Medium loft is 6” of high-quality memory foam designed to deliver the most comfort for back and side sleepers. This loft provides more support for the neck and spine, allowing you to get more restful sleep. If you switch between sleeping on your side and back throughout the night, this loft is a good match.

  • High Loft
    high loft muse pillow
    high loft muse pillow

    The High loft is 7” of high-quality memory foam designed to deliver the most comfort for side sleepers. This loft comfortable fills the area between your head and shoulders, giving you the support you need. This is a popular choice for sleepers that require more support, especially people with broad shoulders.

The cool side of the pillow. Always.

our cooling fabric

Our Muse fabric is woven into our signature pattern with the world’s coolest yarn. Literally. You’ll notice just how cool our fabric is, as soon as you take your pillow out of the box. It’s knitted using innovative, phase-changing material that actively absorbs and distributes the ambient temperature in the room. Trust us, we mean it when we say you’ll always be on the cool side of the pillow. 

muse cooling yarn mobile
muse cooling yarn illustration desktop

The perfect cover.

Great from the inside out

The Muse pillow is equipped with a removable, washable & cooling cover. Did you know a pillow is 33% heavier after 2 years if you can’t wash it? Yikes! So we made sure to make a cover that is super durable & easy to clean. Our expert craftsmanship & a heavy duty-zipper allows the cover to stand up to the least friendly washing machine in your neighborhood! Just simply zip off & toss it in the wash.

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muse pillow lifestyle 02 b5cdd634 7263 4937 8b60 8cb4a662bfb4

The recipe for great sleep.

  • muse pillow build mobile
    muse pillow build desktop
  • Cooling Muse Fabric
    pillow build 1
    pillow build 1

    Our removable cover is cool to the touch, keeping your head and neck at the ideal temperature for deep sleep.

  • Clustered Memory Foam
    pillow build 2
    pillow build 2

    A blend of high-quality shredded foam and hollow fibers lines each pillow to create a responsive, breathable surface.

  • Molded Memory Foam Core
    pillow build 3
    pillow build 3

    A layer of high-density molded memory foam provides cushy support that conforms seamlessly to every body movement.

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