Muse is Popping Up in Airbnbs Around the US

Getting good sleep on the road is one of the major gambles of traveling. Will you wake up well-rested and ready to take on another full day, or will you wake up wishing you never left home? Whether you’re traveling for work, or out for an adventure, you need to be rested up for whatever your trip brings. Muse has partnered with premier Airbnbs around the country to make sure that more people are getting the best travel sleep possible! Tons of cities (especially those in hotter climates) now have Airbnb’s that host a Muse sleep experience along with their other luxurious amenities, so that people have the choice to nail down a great night’s sleep way ahead of time. Plan your next trip with Muse, here!

Travel Hot, Sleep Cool

Our mattress is made with the coolest fabric on the market that temperature regulates and wicks moisture, especially helpful when you might not be as in control of the thermostat when traveling! Hot sleepers are always at risk of a bad night’s sleep, no matter where they are. Those who book a trip with a Muse will be cool and comfortable each night and wake up rested and ready to go the next day!

A Smart Mattress for the Savvy Traveler

The washable removable cover is perfect for Airbnbs, ensuring that each guest gets the freshest experience possible. Plus we’ve used the world’s coolest yarn to create the cover, which will help you stay cool at night even in hottest climates. All comfort layers are meticulously designed and engineered for the deepest comfort and support, so that you can sleep well and wake up rested for whatever you have in store!

The Feedback that Matters

Not only are Airbnb guests all over the country loving their Muse sleep experience while they're on the road- hosts and super hosts have started reaching out to buy a Muse for themselves! 

Want to experience a superior sleep experience, but not hitting the road anytime soon? You can try a Muse at home with a risk-free 120 day trial!

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