How to Celebrate National Relaxation Day at Work

August 15 is recognized as National Relaxation Day. And while we all know that a day at the beach, a spa day or simply being able to turn off your phone and ignore emails would put us in the perfect state of relaxation, it unfortunately falls on a Tuesday, meaning that most of us will be working all day. But don't worry, even though you can't take the day off work, there are still ways you can celebrate while sitting at your desk. Do some of the things we've laid out below and you'll be well on your way to relaxation in your cubicle.  

Sip Green Tea

Don't treat your post-lunch slump with a cup of coffee. Instead, swap it out for some green tea, which is loaded with L-theanine, an amino acid that has been proven to help relieve anger and promote a state of calm awareness. By filling your mug with green tea, you'll be able to ditch the grogginess without the jittery side effect of coffee. So, go ahead and celebrate relaxation while answering emails and analyzing spreadsheets by steeping a nice hot mug of green tea.  

Close Your Eyes and Take Deep Breaths

Make your cubicle your own little Zen station by taking five minutes to stop what you're doing and close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. The health of your nervous system is so closely tied with closing your eyes, that by simply taking a few moments to yourself and closing your eyes, you can achieve an optimal state of calm. Take it one step further and take a few deep breaths while you're at it, which has been proven to help lower heart rate and blood pressure. Take a few minutes to yourself- your state of mind will thank you.  

Foot Massage

Go ahead and celebrate National Relaxation Day with your shoes off! Sneak your shoes off under your desk and give yourself a massage by rolling your foot over a golf ball. Not only will it feel fantastic, but foot massages can improve mood, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. Who wouldn't feel more relaxed after all that?!  

Take A Walk in the Sun

Instead of taking your lunch break to indulge in foods that will make you feel good in the moment and then terrible in the latter half of the day, use this break to take a walk in the sunshine in order to find your inner peace on National Relaxation Day. When sunlight reaches your eyes, it triggers production of serotonin, which "relieves stressful feelings and produces a general sense of well-being." By taking a walk on a sunny day, you'll be able to combine the positive effects of the endorphins of exercise and the serotonin production from being in the sun in order to achieve the perfect balance of relaxation and Zen.  


Does your schedule not allow for things like walks or breaks, or maybe you feel self-conscious doing some of these tactics in front of other people? Well don't worry, you can still find some inner peace on National Relaxation Day by trying some aromatherapy. Roll some lavender, chamomile or vanilla on different pressure points on your body and continue with your day. Your coworkers won't even notice a difference, but you'll feel calm and relaxed throughout the rest of your day. 

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