How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Body Type

You may already know that choosing the right pillow based on your body type and sleeping position can alleviate back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, but did you know that choosing the right mattress can do the same? Just like finding clothes that fit your shape, you have to find a mattress that conforms to your silhouette. However, in a world of universal mattresses, it can be tricky. Use our guide or take a simple sleep quiz to find the bed that's best for you. 

Small Build, Narrow Shoulders 

If you've been #blessed with a slimmer, lighter body type you're in luck. You can sleep on a less firm mattress and enjoy a cushier feel without sacrificing spinal support. That means you can snooze on practically any surface and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Medium Build, Average Shoulders  

In this case, average is a good thing—you've found the sweet spot. You can sleep on a mattress that's not too soft, not too firm, while keeping your spine in a neutral position. Look for a medium comfort level mattress or one that's been dubbed "universal."  

Large Build, Average Shoulders 

Large and in charge? While you do need to balance pressure points to avoid morning pain, you have a choice in comfort levels. A medium or "universal" mattress will provide more bounce, while a firm mattress will provide additional support.  

Large Build, Broad Shoulders 

With your body type, you need to have a firm handle on your sleep situation. With a larger build and broad shoulders, you tend to put more pressure on the mattress. To cushion your weight and keep your back and hips in line, you need a firm mattress that will provide a sturdy foundation of support.  

Ready to see which mattress is best based on your body type? Take our Sleep Quiz.

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