The Difference Between a Good Mattress and a Great Mattress

You likely already know the importance of a great night's sleep, as regularly receiving the recommended 7 to 9 hours per night can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. And noting the importance of a good night's sleep, it's also important to ensure that your bedroom has the level of comfort that will enable such. Yes, a comfortable bed is crucial to getting the nightly sleep requirements, and there's arguably a no more important factor in this than the mattress that you're resting on. While pillows, a good comforter, and the right bedroom ambience can all help create a relaxing, inviting sleeping environment, it's the mattress that plays the biggest role in whether or not you're getting the restful sleep that you need to function at your best. It's why you should pay close attention to the one that's resting on top of your bed frame.


It goes without saying that not all mattresses are created equal, and you might be wondering about the benefits of the likes of a cooling gel mattress and such. It's why we've put together this post — to give you an idea of what separates just the good mattresses from the great ones. Making that upgrade to a great mattress can go a long way toward ensuring that you get that all-important shuteye each and every night and that you're not waking up with aches and pains. Here are a few tips for selecting the right mattress:

Don't Go for the Bargain Basement Variety

While it can be tempting to walk into the store and select the cheapest mattress just for the sake of saving money, keep in mind that you get what you pay for — and this couldn't be truer when it comes to mattresses. And while you may be saving money upfront when it comes to purchasing the mattress, you may be spending a lot more long-term on medical bills and chiropractor appointments if the mattress doesn't offer the appropriate comfort and/or support that your body needs. Roughly one-third of your life is spent sleeping, so it behoves you to take your time when selecting the right mattress. Don't jump for the cheapest option, save up a little money if you have to, consider financing options that brands offer and then spend time testing firmness, comfort and other features until you find one that's just right.

You Won't Regret a Cooling Gel Mattress

There's memory foam, and then there's a cooling mattress — or the next evolution in mattress design. Remember how we told you about how being comfortable in bed is critical to receiving a good night's sleep. This can be difficult during the summer months or for individuals who get warm easily. That's where a cooling gel mattress can come in handy. The best mattresses in this category are not only cool to the touch but are also breathable, which means that less body heat is trapped in the material and it offers a more comfortable temperature to sleep on all night long. If you're able to make the investment in this type of mattress, you likely won't regret it.


Springs vs. Memory Foam

If you're looking for a great mattress, you'll want to stay away from anything with springs. Though a spring mattress might be fine for your guest room, it's likely not going to be the comfort that you need a night in and night out. Memory foam, on the other hand, likely will be. Memory foam fits your body posture and allows you to enjoy a comfortable, restful night of sleep.

In addition to the comfort benefits that they offer over spring mattress types, memory foam mattresses also include these benefits:

  • Even weight distribution for a better overall balance while sleeping, essentially eliminating any aches and pains that individuals might feel after a night of sleep.
  • It's firm enough to support the body, yet comfortable enough to ensure a restful night of sleep. It's a perfect balance.
  • They're easy to maintain to ensure long-lasting comfort and sleep support. 

Like we said above, only you know what feels the most comfortable for you. And only you know what you can afford when it comes to a new mattress. But when you think about spending one-third of your life in bed sleeping, you will understand the importance of selecting the right type of mattress to ensure you get the quality, restful sleep that you need.

For more information on the difference between good versus great mattresses, and more on how impactful a cool gel mattress can be for your sleeping habits, contact Muse Sleep today! 

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