When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Mattress?

A good night’s sleep supports our physical, mental and emotional health. We can improve our sleep quality by following a sleep hygiene routine that includes a regular bedtime, screen-free evening, comfortable cooling mattress, and dark, quiet bedroom.

A quality mattress can also help us achieve better sleep. According to the Better Sleep Council, we should replace our mattress every seven to 10 years or more often if we wake up feeling sore, achy or tired. Because a mattress can be a pricey investment, it’s a wise idea to carefully time this purchase, if possible. Here are the best times of year to buy a mattress that supports quality sleep and fits our budget.


We can keep our New Year’s resolution to get better sleep thanks to a January “white sales.” While mattresses go fast during these sales, we can use holiday cash to invest in our health and comfort.


Energize cold, dreary winter days with a new mattress and better sleep. President’s Day occurs on the third Monday in February and is one of the best times of the year to upgrade our mattress and save hundreds of dollars.


New mattress models typically hit showroom floors in June and remain at full price through September. To prepare for the new inventory, many retailers offer up to 50% off older or discontinued mattress models and floor samples in May. We can set aside time on Memorial Day weekend and throughout this month to take advantage of one of the best times of year to buy a mattress.


As teachers and students prepare for school, we can prepare to sleep better. September 30 marks the end of the fiscal year for many retailers and the beginning of inventory reduction sales. Starting on Labor Day weekend, we can shop for a mattress that offers support and comfort without putting a strain on our pocketbooks.

Black Friday

Traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season, the Friday after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, is known for sales. We can visit a mattress store, save big on a traditional or cooling memory foam mattress and begin to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Cyber Monday

Purchase a mattress on Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving, to save big. Online retailers typically drop prices or offer special deals throughout the day. We can also ask brick-and-mortar stores if they will match online mattress prices. Or we can order our preferred mattress online after trying it out in the store.

All Year

Saving money on our mattress purchase is important, but we may need to make this purchase outside a prime sale season as we invest in healthy sleep. Here’s how to buy a high-quality mattress and save money year-round.

  1. Research and choose the ideal mattress before we need it. Factor in the firmness level, material type, size, and brand as we choose a mattress that offers superior support and the most comfortable sleep. Then, we may begin saving for this purchase, sign up for sale notifications from our preferred retailers, and be prepared to finalize the purchase when the timing is right.
  2. Watch for opening, moving and closing sales. These events occur throughout the year at brick-and-mortar mattress stores and online retailers. While sales may be final, the discounts are worth it.
  3. Negotiate. The sales staff at brick-and-mortar stores have some wiggle room with pricing. We may be able to buy a health-promoting mattress at a discount when we negotiate a deal.
  4. Buy online. With lower overhead costs and competition from stores across the globe, online mattress retailers typically offer products at the lowest possible prices. If you’re uncertain about buying a mattress online, remember that many online sellers feature generous trial periods and return policies. Many larger manufacturers also sell mattresses online, so we can try the product in the store and buy it at a discount online.
  5. Ask for free extras. If we have to pay full price for a mattress, at least ask for a free add-on. For example, ask the retailer to sell us a queen bed for the price of a twin or throw in a free pillow, base or frame that complements our new mattress.

May, September and major holiday weekends are the best times of the year to buy a mattress. But if you can’t wait for one of these occasions, upgrade with confidence year-round. Buying a mattress online is one way to find the best cooling mattress deals and invest in a healthy good night’s sleep.




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