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7 Features of Muse's Cool Approach to a Tired Industry

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You're Always On The Cool Side Of The Pillow.


If you're the kind of person that loves the moment after flipping the pillow, (that cool-delicious-comfortable-instant of relief, then Muse is the mattress for you. The Muse mattress is made with some real nerdy organic chemistry. Our cooling fabric is phase-changing, made from the coolest (literally) textile on the market. Its not a spray, chemical bath, or Jason in marketing fluffing up some lingo; it's real organic chemistry that defines "cool to the touch". 

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You're Paying For The Quality Of Your Mattress & That's It.


Authenticity and a relentless commitment to quality, American-made product are the foundation of our company. We don't rely on flashy marketing tactics, Television, or celebrity endorsements to "convince" you. Frankly, we're too small for that nonsense. We put our material where our mouths are. All 30(ish) of us here sleep on our product because we like it, we care about it, and we know that we're hand-making our mattress with excellent sleep-winning materials. If you want a mattress endorsed by Kim and a seven-figure deal, you're in the wrong place.

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Life can get messy so we made clean-up easy.


Let's talk about those jeans. You love them, wear them frequently and wash them often enough that they always feel clean and comfortable. You sleep every night on a pillowcase and wash that pretty frequently too.

When's the last time you washed your mattress? We appreciate the importance of a clean mattress so we created a removable, machine-washable, hypoallergenic cover. When it's time for a cleaning, unzip, slip off the cover and drop it in the wash.

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You Deserve High-Quality Sleep, At An Affordable Price.


Value is what Muse delivers for customers. Because Muse is made with some of the highest quality foams and textiles on the market. We know our mattress is going to deliver a quality sleep experience longer than mattresses 4x our price (and that's a little sad). Our goal is to deliver a lavish sleep experience that meets your needs at a fair and ethical price. One of the greatest compliments we receive is when our manufacturing partners tell us we should be charging more.

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Experience Muse On Your Next Adventure.


Getting good sleep is a bit of a gamble when traveling. Will the mattress be comfortable? Will I be able to get enough rest for the next day or am I going to suffer? We've partnered with premier Airbnb's and long-term rentals around the country to make sure that fewer people are asking these questions. Some of the most luxurious Airbnb's (especially those in hotter climates) now offer the Muse sleep experience for a cool, comfortable, rejuvenating night's sleep for their guests! This month's featured Airbnb is a breezy location on the coast of Carolina where Muse delivers cool, relaxing sleep after a long day on the beach.

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No Need To Worry. We've Got Your Back.


When you call Muse for any reason, there are no long waits, no terrible music and no pushing 10 buttons to get through - because we've got a great customer service team who takes care of each and every one of our customers. Got the wrong fit? Need help deciding on the best comfort level for your body type and sleep style? Interested in tips to help you adjust to your new Muse mattress? Want to add something to your order? Lost the email with your (free) shipping information? You get the picture. Our customer service team can do it all. If you ever need help, you know who to call!

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Sit Back & Relax While We Expertly Craft The Perfect Sleep Experience.


We're a little bit obsessive concerning our craftsmanship, but that's okay - we're a team that gets excited about creating an excellent sleep experience. The Muse is made with the highest-quality USA-CertiPUR materials and adapted constantly based on customer feedback. Each Muse is made with hand-picked, US-sourced foam and is hand-finished before it goes out, ensuring that every single piece lives up to our Muse standards!

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