A revolutionary, cooling memory foam mattress that's available in three comfort options and delivered straight to your door in a box. Try it risk free for 120 nights.

Choose your comfort level:
  • full $800
  • queen $900
  • king $1000
  • cal king $1000
  • twin $600
  • twin xl $600
Dimension: 60" X 80" X 12"

the Materials

We tested hundreds of foam and fabric combinations to create one amazing mattress. But we didn’t stop at just one. Our mattresses are available in three different comfort levels so that you can sleep like you–not like everyone else.

Muse Mattress Cutaway Showing Memory Foam Layers
  • 1

    cold wire plus cover

    Our high-performance Cold Wire Plus cover allows you to sleep cool and wake up refreshed, creating the optimum surface for snoozing.

  • 2

    gel-infused foam

    A 2-inch layer of 3.5 lb. density foam is infused with gel to combat heat retention, allowing you to sleep cooler than a traditional foam mattress.

  • 3

    high-density foam

    Choose from soft, medium or firm to personalize the 2-inch layer of 4 lb. density foam that forms the luxurious interior of our mattress.

  • 4

    firm foundation

    A durable 8-inch base layer of 2 lb. density foam provides a supportive, pressure-relieving foundation for comfort that lasts and lasts.

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The Comfort Levels Explained
We understand that most people are not used to buying a mattress online. Tap on the boxes below to learn a little more about what to expect from each comfort level.

Choose your Muse

Sleep inspired with a mattress that’s personalized for your body type and sleep position.

the soft mattress

With a plush feel, the soft comfort level is the most cloud-like and cushy of the group. Although it is our softest mattress, it still has the proper support to keep your body aligned throughout the night.

It's recommended for side sleepers and some back sleepers because it allows the contours of the shoulders and hips to sink comfortably into the mattress. Because the mattress hugs the body, it sleeps less cool than the other comfort options (think soft and cozy).

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the medium mattress

The medium comfort level provides ample padding on the sleep surface, while offering more support throughout the base layer. It's firm to the touch, but has just the right amount of give.

It's recommended for all sleeping positions because it is not too firm, nor too soft. It contours to your body, providing comfort and support at every angle. This comfort level is more conforming than a firm mattress, but doesn't have as much sink as a soft mattress (think comfortably cool).

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the firm mattress

Because it has the least amount of give on top, the firm comfort level has a solid, supportive feel. Our firm mattress is robust with minimal bounce on the surface.

It's recommended for those who sleep on their stomach or back because it keeps the hips from sinking down as they might on a softer mattress. This mattress keeps the body elevated and allows for more air circulation (think cool as a cucumber).

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Rest easy. The Muse mattress is designed to fit comfortably on virtually any surface.

flat platform
slatted base
box spring
adjustable bed
the floor
check marks the spot
Quality, comfort, and, above all, choice are the three principles we stand by (and sleep on).
Tuft & Needle
Cooling cover

Utilizes innovative fabric to create one of the most effective heat dissipating surfaces on the market.

Cooling gel-infused foam

Counters the “hot spots” found in typical memory foam mattresses.

under $1,000

Cut out unnecessary and costly markups and pay a fair price for your mattress.

12” Mattress thickness

A thicker mattress means quality and support that lasts over time.

choice of comfort level

A choice on firmness allows you to define your own idea of comfort.

Sleep Personality quiz

An algorithm-based quiz allows you to find the mattress that’s best for you.

120-night sleep trial

Want to make sure it’s right? Take 120 nights to find out in the comfort of your own home.

10-year warranty

Protect your good night’s sleep against any manufacturer defects.

free delivery Our mattress ships free in a small box directly to your door within 5-7 business days.
120 night trial There’s no place like home. Try our mattress in the comfort of your own home for 120 nights.
10-year warranty We’ve gotcha covered. Designed to last, our mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty.