Sleep Cooler with the Muse

The optimum surface for snoozing is here.


Cooling Technology

It's no secret that traditional memory foam overheats. We've combined gel-infused foam with an innovative cool-to-the-touch cover to create a luxurious mattress that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Absorbs Ambient Temperature

The phase-changing material absorbs the ambient temperature in the room, making the fabric feel remarkably cool.

Chemical & Dye Free

Made from polyethylene and polyester knitted yarns, our fabric is free of harmful chemicals and dyes.

Wicks Away Moisture

Just like your favorite athletic shirt, the cover pulls moisture away from your body to the fabric surface where it evaporates.

Removable & Washable

The Muse cover zips off for easy removal and washing to guarantee freshness throughout the life of your mattress.

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Melissa H

"Like a cool cloud"
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Meredith V

"Cooling feature helps me sleep"
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"I've stopped sweating at night"


Feeling is believing. Request a sample before beginning your 120-night sleep trial.