How To Choose a Mattress Protector To Avoid Sweating

Even if we don't necessarily realize it, we all sweat during the night, which is completely normal. Indeed, perspiration cools the body when it contains heat, so for this reason, on average, a person loses 200ml of sweat per night.

However, as you know, perspiration leaves marks that damage your mattress, so which mattress protector should you choose to avoid sweating? In this article, we tell you more about our cooling mattress protector, which increases the life of your mattress and brings you comfort by absorbing all moisture and perspiration.


Which material to choose to avoid perspiration?

The need for a waterproof mattress protector

Other tips to avoid sweating


Choosing A Material That Reduces Night Sweats

The Muse protector is made from a collection of different materials to deliver silent, cool, and serene sleep. This innovative, moisture-wicking fabric helps regulate body temperature for a sounder sleep. Cool to the touch, this protector actively absorbs and distributes the room's ambient temperature, keeping you cool and sweat-free.

Other Tips To Avoid Sweating

Now that you know which mattress protector to choose to avoid sweating, we give you various tips to reduce your night sweats and thus improve your quality of sleep.
  • Air out your bedroom every night before sleeping
  • Adapt your bedding according to the seasons
  • Opt for natural fiber pajamas
  • Don't wear fleece
  • Do not opt ​​for synthetic mattress pads
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and overly spicy dishes before sleeping
  • Take the time to relax before sleeping by reading a book, for example.
  • Avoid playing video games or watching movies that are stressful or likely to upset you

Ready to spend good & dry nights?Go buy an antiperspirant mattress protector, and after installing it, all you have to do is enjoy pleasant and restful nights.

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