Folded, Rolled, and Compressed Mattresses: Are These a Good Solution?

Folded, rolled, and compressed mattresses: Discover the advantages and disadvantages of this new solution for quality sleep. Space saving, easy to transport: is this the right solution?

I- What Are Folded, Rolled, and Compressed Mattresses?

A folded, rolled, and compressed mattress arrives in a rectangular box at your door and is easily transportable around the house or in the car. Once unpacked, unfold the mattress to regain shape gradually. 

1- How Are They Made?

Compressed mattresses have gone through various processes to take up as little space as possible and allow easy and quick delivery. The mattress goes through several stages to do this.

Step 1: The compressed mattress is made classically, from the creation of foams to the assembly or quality of the cover.

Step 2: The compression process allows the mattress to thin out considerably to be only a few centimeters thick. 

Step 3: The mattress gets rolled up and packaged into a rectangular box. For some sizes, especially double mattresses, the mattress is folded in half to be even more compact.  

2- Does the Compression Damage the Mattress? 

Compression does not damage the mattress, provided it gets done correctly. We use special machines to compress the mattress evenly and avoid deformation or cracks. Poor-quality mattresses will develop permanent damage, such as dents, deformations, or breaks. It is, therefore, essential to choose a quality mattress. 

We advise our customers to let the mattress air out and breathe for 24 to 48 hours after unpacking it so that it regains its original shape and is ready to sleep on.

II- The Advantages of Folded, Rolled, and Compressed Mattresses

Folded, rolled, and compressed mattresses have many advantages over traditional beds. In this section, we'll explore the different benefits they offer.

1- Space-Saving & Easy Handling

Purchasing a new mattress requires logistics, especially in transport. You must find a suitable car or van to take it home from the store and then carry it into your home, and often, up a flight of stairs. This is where the compressed mattress comes in handy. Instead, a compact mattress arrives at your door in a cardboard box, easily transportable to where you need it to go.

Plus, if you're moving, you can transport it easily and unpack it in your new home. 

🗒 Note:
We advise our customers to keep the mattress from being compressed in its box for a month to avoid damaging the foams.

2- Easier, Faster, and Cheaper Delivery

Compressed mattresses offered online often benefit from fast and inexpensive delivery. The ease of transport allows companies to provide accessible or even free deliveries like our company Muse. Carriers can deliver to you efficiently and quickly within two days, whether at a drop-off point or directly to your home. 

3- Optimal Mattress Protection 

Folded, rolled, and compressed mattresses are often better protected than traditional mattresses during transport. It’s true; because they are in a solid cardboard box, the mattress is more protected from shocks and possible damage (tears, stains, etc.) during transport. In addition, this box also helps protect the mattress from dust and moisture that could damage its quality and durability. 

4- Greener Delivery and Transport

Compressed mattresses require less storage space, which means they take up less space when transporting and thus reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, the materials used in their manufacture are often recyclable and ecological such as the cardboard box. 

III- The Disadvantages Of Folded, Rolled, and Compressed Mattresses

Despite the many advantages the compressed mattress offers, it still has some disadvantages. 

1- Compression Does Not Apply To All Types Of Mattresses

There are several mattresses, such as latex, memory foam, hybrid, and spring/coil. Not all support compression and folding well: 

  • Foam mattresses: If they are of good quality, all foams can be rolled and compressed without causing any damage. Memory foam mattresses can also be compressed without getting damaged.
  • Latex mattresses: Latex mattresses can be rolled and compressed if the latex quality is good. The lifespan of the packed latex mattress is shorter. Avoid storing a latex mattress type in its box for long. It’s advised to unpack and unbox it as soon as possible. 
  • Spring Mattresses: In the early days of mattresses in a box, it wasn't possible to compress a mattress with springs or coils. Currently, some spring mattresses can now be compressed depending on the spring type. We advise you to inquire directly with the company to determine whether the mattress will arrive in a box. 


2- The Recovery Time Needed For The Mattress To Return To Its Original Shape

When you receive your mattress compressed in its pretty box, you will have to let it slowly regain shape for several days. Indeed, you have to wait at least 24/48 hours before the mattress regains shape and is ready to be slept on. So you may not be able to use your mattress on the day you receive it. It will be necessary to wait a moment and find a flat surface for it to inflate. 

3- Mattress Decompression Odor

A compressed mattress may have a slight odor when unpacked because it has been packed tightly for a long time, which can cause gas and moisture to build up inside. When the mattress decompresses, gases are released, leading to a slight temporary odor. However, depending on ventilation and room temperature, this smell should disappear entirely after a few hours to a few days of airing. Rest assured; it is ok to breathe in the off-gassing scent since it is neither toxic nor bad for your health. 

IV- How To Unpack A Folded, Compressed, and  Rolled Mattress?

To preserve all the properties of your compressed mattress, we advise you to follow a few important steps when unpacking it. Allow 48 hours before you can use the mattress.

1- Unboxing the Mattress

Before sleeping on your new mattress, you must remove it from its box in a clean and clear space. If you can, place the mattress, still rolled up, on its future bed base, clean and in good condition. If you can't put it on its future box spring because you still have your old mattress, place it on a flat, clean surface capable of accommodating the mattress, depending on its size and weight. 

2- Unroll the Mattress  

Once your mattress is on its reception surface, you can unroll it by carefully cutting the plastic surrounding it. While the mattress is unrolling, it is still under a vacuum seal, and typically, it does not regain its shape immediately. There is plastic that keeps it rolled up and another that keeps it vacuum sealed. You only need to remove the plastic that holds the mattress rolled up at this stage.  

3- Open the Mattress  

This step is the most delicate. Carefully open the mattress by cutting a slit in the plastic surrounding it. Thanks to this action, the mattress begins to regain its shape by inflating with air. 

4- Enjoy Your Mattress

Finally, after about 48 hours, you can use your new night companion while enjoying all its benefits. 


Folded, rolled, and compressed mattresses are vacuum-compressed mattresses in an easily transportable rectangular box. Although some poor-quality mattresses may suffer permanent damage, the advantages of these mattresses include space-saving, easy and fast delivery, better protection, and greener shipping. However, compression does not apply to all types of mattresses.

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