Do You Need a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are not a new invention, although the internet may have you believe so. They’ve been used for years to soothe children with developmental disabilities, calm nervous dogs and cats and employed as a “grounding technique” for adults in acute mental-health treatment.

Actual scientific studies have shaky results, but when it comes to user reviews, the results are definitive; weighted blankets decrease their anxiety and give them a better night’s sleep. A popular weighted blanket review describes the feeling as “Advil PM for your whole body”. In a stressful, turbulent time, it’s no wonder that these anxiety-easing blankets have made such an impression! We are all looking for ways to balance the increasing anxiety of our culture with our desire to take better care of our bodies, get great sleep and stop relying on prescription medications.

If you regularly have trouble sleeping or suffer from anxiety, a weighted blanket seems like a sound investment (but an investment it is). You can expect to dish out $130-$400 for a quality blanket. As far as we’re concerned, if you can get a great night’s sleep and ease the anxiety of modern life at the same time you should definitely consider it!

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