What Your Side of the Bed Says About You

Do you ever come across a study that’s so spot on and accurate (with pretty much no reason for being so) that it’s scary? That’s what happened to me recently when I came across an article about what our “side of the bed” says about us. The feeling I got was akin to reading a creepily accurate astrology-of-the-day post, the kind that’s just a little too real.

So basically study after study shows that people who sleep on the left in a partnership are more optimistic, handle stress better than right-side sleepers and generally wake up in a more positive mood. On the other hand, people who sleep on the right tend to be grumpier, take longer to really wake up in the morning and have a little bit more negative of an outlook. 

The reason that this study has me kind of freaked me out is that my boyfriend, sweet as he is, is not a morning person. He tends to wake up a lot slower than me, and I don’t think anyone would argue against the fact that I’m the more happy-go-lucky person in the partnership. You guessed it, he’s a right-side sleeper and I’m a leftie. But the thing is, there doesn’t seem to be an explanation as to why this is so predictable. There’s a shaky hypothesis that it’s because more men tend to sleep on the right, and it could be a deep-seeded gender difference. I think for right now, like a great astrological reading, I’ll just let it be a cool mystery and keep my left-sided, optimistic view that things in the world just make sense!

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