Making The Investment: How to Maintain your Mattress so it Will Last for Years

 If you’re someone who likes to do their research before making a significant purchase, you probably feel confident in your choice of a king-size mattress. So, now that you’ve invested your time and money into its purchase—it’s time to learn how to make it last.

Sleep is an investment in everyday performance. The quality of your sleep can be a major factor in how your next day will turn out. An effective way to help you get as close to a perfect night’s sleep, every night, is investing in your number one sleeping tool: your mattress.

So, how to make that investment last as long as possible?

It’s Easier Than You Think

There are a few things you can do both as soon as you bring your new mattress home, and on a regular basis to help maintain its condition.

Getting the most out of your mattress starts with:

Establishing a solid foundation—of support, that is.

There’s a reason why expensive mattresses are never seen just plopped on the ground.

The right kind of box spring or frame support is important because it improves the comfort level, as these frames are designed specifically for a mattress, and it also preserves the integrity of materials found within the mattress itself.

 After the purchase of your mattress, you’ll likely get a warranty policy  including recommendations from the manufacturer about which frame works best with your product. Consider these options as they will help extend the life and quality of your mattress.

 A mattress frame should not only be able to support the weight of the mattress itself, but also support the weight of all the sleepers. If you’ve invested in a King Size, you might even want to install a center support bar to help increase the support of its foundation.

 If you have a broken frame—even if it’s just a small piece—it can cause some trouble down the road.

 This means that you should regularly check your frame as well as the support system below, around, and underneath your mattress. These checks can easily be done when rotating your mattress or cleaning/changing the sheets.

Frequently Rotate your Cooling Mattress

This isn’t just a myth! You might have heard recommendations to rotate your mattress. Although some may think that means flipping it entirely (bottom-side-up), you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to sleep on the underside of your mattress.

To help you stay on top of those rotations, you should rotate your mattress 180 degrees—from head to foot—every three to six months. Especially when you’re breaking in a cool gel mattress and first using it, this is extremely important for it to get broken into the right way (and evenly done).  Rotating will help...

  1. Even out the wear of the entire structure
  2. Prevent depressions and “softening” from happening
  3. Extend the life of a mattress

Invest in a Cover for your King Size Cooling Mattress

No matter how high-quality or expensive your mattress is, a mattress protector can help extend the life of your product.

There are some options that even offer waterproof protection, which can help if you’re bringing water or other drinks to bed, if you have a young one sleeping with you that may have an accident (it happens) or if you have pets sleeping with you.

A cover also helps protect the mattress against everyday dirt and debris, as well as skin oil and sweat that frequently make it onto the bed.

Manufacturers Know Best

Following instructions when it comes to cleaning a particular product, is extremely important. 

Each manufacturer provides instructions when it comes to maintaining the product and helping extend its life. Some of the most common manufacturer tips are:

Wash Your Linens Regularly

Although this might seem quite obvious, you should try to regularly wash the linens found underneath your sheets.

Those linens hold bacteria, dust mites, hair, and skin cells, as well as sweat. The linens and sheets should be washed once every one or two weeks to help maintain your health and the health of your mattress.

Let It Soak up the Sun

Make sure there’s no potential bed bug infestation before you carry on!

Make it a routine to strip your mattress and let it have its day (or at least several hours) in the sun. The sunlight has a powerful effect on dust mites and can help rid your mattress of the excess moisture trapped inside.

Keep (Child) Playtime to a Minimum

Not only can jumping on the bed destroy foundations and frames—but it can also wear and tear foam and other cooling mattress qualities, cheating you out of years of your high-quality mattress!

Humans Only

We recommend having a no-pets-on-the-bed policy, or rather, a humans-only policy.

This helps prevent pet drool, dander, hair, and other unknown entities from finding their way onto your bed. Your beloved pets may even have an occasional accident on your bed.

Yes, we know how cute, cuddly and impossible to resist they are—stay strong!

Even though your mattress may come with a 10 to 20-year warranty—especially if you’re making a rather large investment in it—that long life span can be cut short simply due to poor maintenance.

No matter which mattress you’ve decided on, follow the above tips to help it reach its full potential and give you years of quality sleep - at least up to its stated warranty. Sleep tight!



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