How to Move a Mattress

Moving bulky furniture like a mattress can be a hassle. Regardless of size, beds are usually heavy, difficult to get up and down steps, and hard to maneuver around corners and through doorways. On moving day, use this guide to plan ahead.   

What You Need to Move a Mattress  

  • A Friend, Family Member, or Mover  

  • A Mattress Bag  

  • Moving Straps or a Dolly   

  • A Truck or Van  

  • Ratchet Tie-Downs or Rope  

As always, moving bulky items with the help of a friend or family member is easier than trying to do it by yourself. Attempting to move a mattress by yourself could result in injury. If you are unable to bribe a friend or family member to help with pizza or beer, hire a mover instead. Sites like Groupon and TaskRabbit can help you vet potential moving companies or individuals who may be able to help you.   

Before your extra pair of hands arrive on moving day, purchase a mattress bag to protect your bed from water, dust and wear and tear. Mattress bags can be purchased from home improvement stores and Amazon. Once you've placed your bed in the bag, seal it shut with tape.   

Once your mattress is sealed correctly, it may be easier to use moving straps or a dolly to transport it from your bedroom to the vehicle. Moving straps take the strain off your back and give you a handle to grasp, making carrying an oversized item easier. A dolly eliminates the need to lift the mattress, but you will likely need help to keep the bed from falling off the platform.   

Whether you're using your bare hands, moving straps, or a dolly to move the mattress, avoid rolling it or bending it. Bending or rolling a memory foam, latex or innerspring mattress can cause it to wear unevenly. 

You've probably seen other people tie a mattress to the roof of their car or van, but it can be dangerous. The bed could fly off the top of the vehicle if it's not tied down securely. To avoid an accident, use a truck with a flatbed, a moving truck with a door or a moving van.   

If you opt to use a flatbed truck, secure the mattress with ratchet tie downs, or rope. If you use a moving truck or van, try to place the mattress standing up against the wall of the vehicle. That way you can maximize the space available while avoiding putting large items on top of your bed. Laying heavy or sharp objects on top of your mattress could damage it, especially if it's a memory foam mattress. 


How to Decide if Ordering a Mattress in a Box is Best  

  • Is your mattress over seven years old?  

  • Are you moving a long distance?  

  • Did you inherit it from a friend or family member?  

  • Are you sleeping poorly or waking up with aches and pains?  

  • Is it made from cheap materials?  

  • Are there stains on the mattress?  

Sometimes when beginning a new chapter, it's better to let go and start fresh. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, replacing your old mattress when moving may be your best bet. Today with bed-in-a-box options, you can ship a new mattress for free and have it waiting on your doorstep when you arrive. The best part is that you can unbox it, let it expand, and sleep on it that night. The rest of your life may be in boxes, but you still deserve a great night's sleep!    

How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress   If you ultimately decide to get rid of your old mattress, there are several ways to dispose of it. You may recycle it, donate it to charity, or have it removed by a local junk hauler. Whatever you do, just don't dump it. That can result in hefty fines and even jail time.  

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