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What's the Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers?

What's the Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers?

When you or your partner roll around in bed, you transfer motion which may cause the other sleeper to wake up several times during the night. This disturbance is a common problem in many relationships. In fact, the average sleeper changes positions 40 to 60 times each night. If you're a restless sleeper, all that tossing and turning could be wreaking havoc on your relationship and body. To solve this problem, choose the best mattress for couples that guarantees zero or minimal motion transfer, and that offers personalized support.  

Isolate Motion with a Memory Foam Mattress  

If you share a bed with a restless partner, you know how their movements can affect your sleep quality. Disruptions in your sleep cycles over an extended period may leave you feeling drained and could result in long-term adverse health effects.   

Memory foam or gel memory foam is the best mattress material when it comes to isolating motion. The higher density the foam, the less movement will transfer from you to your partner. Beyond being an excellent choice for those concerned with restlessness, gel memory foam beds also provide excellent support, align your spine, prevent pain from pesky pressure points and provide cooling comfort.   

Choose a Personalized Mattress for You and Your Partner   

When shopping for a mattress online, consider a brand that has more than one comfort option. That way if you are buying a full, queen, king or Cal king bed and must compromise with your partner when it comes to firmness, you can pick the one that suits both of you best. More often than not, a medium mattress will be a good fit, unless both sleepers prefer a softer or firmer feel.   

For those couples that discover that they have a definite difference of opinion when it comes to how soft or firm the mattress should feel, there is a solution. A split king bed frame or a split king adjustable bed frame will fit two twin XL mattresses on it, allowing you to choose two different comfort options. With this Sleep Quiz, you can determine whether a soft or plush, medium or firm mattress is best for your body type, sleep position and temperature preference.   

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