How To Sleep Well In A New Place?

You move into a different apartment or house launches a new chapter in your life. As you plan for your move and pack your belongings, book a moving company and switch your utilities, consider your sleep quality.

The adjustment to a new home can be challenging as you get used to a new environment and sleep-inhibiting factors, such as unfamiliar sounds and smells. Now’s a great time to begin a bedtime routine, upgrade to the best cooling mattress and plan to implement the following strategies that help you sleep well in your new place.

Understand the First-Night Effect

It’s normal to sleep poorly on your first night in a new place. Known as first-night effect, this challenge occurs because one hemisphere of the brain stays alert in order to protect you from danger or unfamiliar things. When you understand the first-night effect, you can look for effective ways to reduce stress, relax and rest.

Make Yourself at Home

Although you’re new to this apartment or house, you can surround yourself with familiar objects. Set up your bed and cover your cool gel memory foam mattress with the usual bedding and pillows. You can also hang your favorite artwork, lay your fuzzy rug on the floor and arrange your nightstand in your usual way. Place relaxing lavender or your favorite scent on your pillow, too. These actions create a home-like haven that helps you sleep better from day one in your new place.

Get Adequate Exercise

An active lifestyle supports your circadian rhythm, the sleep-wake cycle. You should have no problem staying active during the first few days in your new home. Stop exercising a few hours before bed, though, and choose more relaxing evening activities so that your body can feel sleepy rather than stimulated.

Avoid Stimulants

You may turn to caffeine to stay awake on moving day or drink alcohol before bed to celebrate your move. But these stimulants, along with certain medicines, actually hinder sleep. Try to avoid these stimulants for at least six hours before your planned bedtime, and you may sleep better.

Maintain a Normal Bedtime Routine

Perform the same activities every night before bed to train your brain to become drowsy. Then, follow your normal routine starting the day you move into your new home. Your sleep routine can include a hot mug of tea, meditation, yoga, or reading. Be sure to go to bed and wake up at your normal time also.

Adjust Your Temperature

You may sleep better in a cool room because it’s comfortable and because your body produces more melatonin when your body temperature drops. Invest in sleep when you turn down the thermostat or purchase a cooling mattress that regulates your body temperature overnight. Consider taking a hot shower right before bed, too, because your body temperature will drop quickly when your warm skin slides between cool sheets.

Perform Breathing Exercises

Slow, deep and rhythmic breaths relax your muscles, increase oxygen flow and calm your mind and body. As you focus on your breath, you may even forget your unfamiliar surroundings and become drowsy. Effective breathing exercises that promote relaxation and rest include 4-7-8 breathing and alternate nostril breathing.

Turn off Electronic Devices

The blue and white light emitted by electronic devices makes your brain think that it’s still daytime. This light also inhibits the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Power off your devices at least an hour before bedtime on moving day and every day to help your brain and body rest.

Use Colorful Noise

Soft and ambient white and pink noise cancel annoying, loud and other unwanted background sounds that hinder your rest. You definitely want to use a white noise machine, turn on a fan or play relaxing sounds on your phone as you adjust to sleeping in your new place. Additionally, you could wear earplugs or headphones to eliminate distractions that disrupt your sleep quality.

Embrace the Dark

Darkness signals to the body that it’s time for bed. Be sure to hang blackout curtains, block the bottom of the bedroom door and dim the nightlight before your first night in your new place. An eye mask can also create a dark sleep environment and promote rest.

The first few nights in your new apartment or house can be exciting and strange. Because it could be tough to sleep, try these strategies. A bedtime routine, relaxation techniques and a comfortable cooling memory foam mattress can promote an environment that helps you sleep well in a new place.


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