Why Moving is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress

One in 10 Americans moved in 2018. Eighty-five percent stayed in-state, and 15% moved out of state. While most people move because they want to live in a better home or apartment, people also move to establish their own household or because of their job.

If a move is in your future, get ready to invest a lot of energy into the logistics and coordination of this life event. One way to simplify your move is to replace your mattress. A new cool gel mattress perks up your bedroom and could improve your sleep. Read on to learn more about why moving is the best time to buy a new mattress.

Cut Moving Costs

The average move costs $1,120, reports Home Advisor. Leave your old, bulky and heavy mattress behind to reduce expenses. Moving companies typically charge per pound, and you may need to upgrade from a smaller moving van to a more expensive moving truck if you have a large mattress. Plus, you’ll pay a moving crew more money to disassemble your bed, move it and reassemble it at your new place. These expenses add significant cost to your move.

In addition to moving costs, you’ll spend money preparing your mattress for the move. The protective cover or shipping box and the time you spend taking your bed apart add up. Simply purchase a new mattress and have it delivered to your home to reduce your moving expenses.

Save Space

Between your furniture, clothing and other belongings, you have tons of stuff to move. Your mattress is one of your possessions that will take up space in the moving truck and in your new home.

You may be tempted to get rid of heirloom furniture, collectibles or other precious items in order to save space. Instead, nix the mattress and have room to pack your other important belongings.

Stay Safe

Lifting and moving your heavy mattress can strain your back, arms and legs. You could borrow a hand truck or ask friends to help. But you still face safety hazards when navigating stairs.

It’s also unsafe to place a mattress on the back of a pickup or on top of your car. It could fall off and be damaged or cause property damage.

A mattress store or a bed-in-a-box company will deliver a new mattress to your house. You can even pay a small fee to have the mattress set up for you by professionals. With little physical effort on your part, you upgrade your bed and reduce your injury risk.

Promote Cleanliness

A waterproof cover or shipping box can protect your mattress from dirt, dust or inclement weather during a move. But these precautions don’t remove dirt, stains, skin particles, dust mites, or allergens already on the bed. And a dirty mattress inhibits your rest and can negatively affect your breathing and health.

Get a fresh start in your new home with a clean bed. This investment is important to your health and could help you sleep and breathe better.

Invest in your Health

The lifespan of most mattresses is only seven to 10 years. An old mattress may sag, leave you feeling achy and sore in the morning, and inhibit quality sleep.

Even if your bed is fairly new, pregnancy and other body changes or a new sleeping partner could affect the type of mattress you need. If your move is due to one of these factors, you may wish to buy a supportive mattress that’s temperature regulated, the correct size and the right firmness. Otherwise, you’ll notice the effects of poor sleep as you try to function during the day.

And here are more health and wellness benefits of sleep. You could see an improvement in your memory and brain function. Your body also repairs tissue, experiences less inflammation and conserves energy resources overnight. Sleep boosts mood and alertness, too. Why not invest in your health and wellness with a new mattress in your new house.

Create a Sleep Hygiene Routine

Sleep hygiene describes the habits and actions that help you fall asleep and wake up rested. You’re moving to a new house and might as well adopt new bedtime routines, too.

A mattress is one aspect of sleep hygiene. Like a cool and dark environment, regular sleep and wake up times, and limits on screen time, a comfortable mattress helps you sleep better. Consider adding this purchase to your shopping list.

Moving to a new home is a big life event. Now’s the best time to buy a new mattress. You’ll save big and sleep better, too.

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