How to Move a Mattress: A Step-By-Step Guide

Moving a mattress can be challenging. It’s heavy and bulky, plus you want to keep it clean and intact throughout your move. Whether you own a traditional or a cooling memory foam mattress, here’s a step-by-step guide that makes moving day easier.

Evaluate the Mattress

Before you move your mattress, decide if it’s worthwhile. A mattress that sags, is uncomfortable or is older than seven to 10 years should be replaced. Recycle your old mattress and have a replacement delivered to your new home.

If you’re moving your mattress, measure it. Use the results to rent the right size moving vehicle and plan the best approach to get your mattress into your new house.

Rent a Moving Vehicle

It’s not enough to get your mattress out of your bedroom. You also want to ensure it arrives at its destination intact, which means you need the right transportation vehicle.

A moving truck costs between $20 and $100 per day to rent and is generally large enough to hold a mattress of any size. A pickup truck generally holds a queen size or smaller mattresses. Avoid using a car because items placed on top of a vehicle are unstable and easily damaged.

Reserve a rental vehicle or arrange to borrow a truck a few weeks before your move. You don’t want moving day to arrive with no way to transport your bed.

Remove the Bedding

Strip the bed and wash the linens. You could pack them in clean boxes or use them to cushion fragile items.

Wrap the Mattress Carefully

Dirt, dust, stains, sharp objects, and inclement weather can damage your mattress during a move. Wrap it carefully for protection.

A waterproof mattress cover could reduce damage risks. You can buy these at a hardware or moving supply store. On moving day, you’ll set the mattress on one of its long edges and slip the cover over the top, securing it with tape at the bottom.

  • Protect the corners with bubble wrap, too. You can tape it into place over the cover.
  • Finalize your wrap job with a layer of moving blankets. They’re easy to secure with packing tape.
  • Additionally, consider buying a mattress shipping box. This protective box is essential for your cool gel memory foam mattress.

Attend to the Frame

An important part of your bed, the frame requires special attention. Take apart the frame with a screwdriver, wrench or Allen key. Place all the nuts and bolts into a sandwich bag and tape it to the disassembled frame.

As you take the frame apart, consider labeling the pieces or taking pictures so you remember how to reassemble it. Also, wrap the frame pieces in bubble wrap to protect them and to prevent dings on your walls as you walk to the moving truck.

Clear the Exit Route

Walk the path you will use to move your mattress to the waiting vehicle. Open doors or remove them from hinges if necessary, pick up area rugs, move furniture out of the way, and note any other hazards like steps or wall sconces that block your exit route.

Enlist Help

Friends or neighbors can help you move your mattress successfully. Ask in advance for their help, and provide beverages and food as an incentive.

On moving day, direct at least two helpers to be on mattress duty. If they don’t use a hand truck, they should bend their knees not their backs and follow other safe lifting techniques. Ask them to work together to distribute the weight of the mattress evenly, too, and to carry the mattress at hip level to reduce arm strain. It’s perfectly fine to take breaks as needed and to move slowly as your helpers protect themselves and your mattress.

Secure the Mattress

When placing your mattress in the vehicle, ensure it lays flat. It should also be secured away from sharp objects that could puncture it and not topped with anything heavy.

You could also stand the mattress on a long edge. Remember that a heavy mattress could damage other items if it falls on boxes or be damaged if it falls. Secure the mattress with ratchet straps or strong rope and test the straps to ensure the mattress won’t shift.

On moving day, you can protect your mattress with the tips in this step-by-step guide. Additionally, consider purchasing a bed-in-a-box mattress that is often more lightweight and easier to move than a traditional mattress. Try to get a good night’s sleep before moving day, too, so that you’re energized and ready for the move.


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