What Your Master Bedroom Says About You

Did you know that your master bedroom says a lot about your personality? Your bedroom is one of the places where you are allowed to express your décor tastes and preferences without being judged. The way you paint your walls and decorate your room tells people more about you than you might realize.

If you prefer bold colors, that could reflect your energetic and bubbly personality as these colors are known to have a stimulating effect. A person who loves dull colors could indicate a reserved personality and a traditional taste in things.

Read on to learn more about what your master bedroom says about you based on your décor preferences, taste in furniture, wall colors, among other factors.

The Colors

The colors you choose for your master bedroom reveal a lot about your personality. Here’s a breakdown of what your wall color says about you.


A plain white bedroom shows someone who loves a relaxed space and often uses this space to escape from the hassle of everyday life. White also shows a calm nature and someone who prefers their own company. It also shows a person who is organized and clean.


Beige is associated with a sense of stability and subtlety. The color imparts some warmth and it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lighter version of brown. Moreover, this color creates warm neutrality that you can use for another design inspiration. You can change the look of your master bedroom without having to spend a lot on new paint each time you want to incorporate different design elements. The shade of brown is relaxing and likely to stimulate a peaceful sleep.


Blue and navy blue are common color choices for master bedrooms. The color and its shade portray a positive personality and state of mind. For example. Light blue has a relaxing effect, which could be attributed to the feeling you get when looking at the sky or ocean.

According to Architectural Digest, individuals with light blues on the walls get more sleep compared to people with other colors. That aspect is attributed to a calming effect that you get when looking at this color.


Gray has a neutral aspect to it and shows a sophisticated person. The color gives a calming effect while allowing other master bedroom décor items, pillows and bedding to stand out. People who opt for different shades of gray reveal a sense of serenity and preference for a balance in life.

Bedroom Furniture

Apart from the wall colors, the furniture and accessories in a person’s bedroom also give you a deeper insight. Here are some cues to look out for and what they say about you.

Timeless Furniture

If you prefer traditional warm wood furniture and simple, but practical seats or benches in your bedroom, that could include your love for classic and timeless pieces. The main characteristics of a traditional style of furniture are wood tones and deep colors.

The accents could also include intricate embellishments, paneling, and molding to accentuate this style. The choice of furniture shows that you’re ambitious and focused. It also shows the love for an elegant and simple space where you can unwind after work or rest to set goals for the week.

Modern Furniture

A modern style of furniture features a neutral color palette, subtle design, and unique materials. Most of this furniture comes in geometric shapes, clean silhouettes, and crisp lines. Your bed and bedside bench could be made of microfiber, PU, or faux leather. The style reveals the simplicity and someone who is a deeper thinker.

It also shows a patient personality and someone who dislikes distractions.  You prefer a  sparse style that will help you rest and get some sleep.

Contemporary Furniture

Although contemporary furniture has similar characteristics to modern furniture,  it has some aspects that reflect more of the present times. The style has few ornamental details and features neutral colors like silver, gray, white, and black. Natural wood tones and organic accents are other contemporary style characteristics.

The love for a contemporary style of furniture shows a person who is focused on existing at the moment. Furthermore, it reveals a personality that is evolving and yearning for new things.

Transitional Furniture

A bedroom with a transitional style of furniture involves both traditional and modern designs. It has a balance of modern and classical elegance, an aspect that makes it unique. You’ll find that this style blends well with noble and plush furnishings as it comes in different colors. Warm fabrics and textiles like velvet, linen, and leather are incorporated.

Someone with this style of furniture shows a chic and sophisticated personality. The combination of traditional and modern style blend in well to create a refined look. The style also reveals a person who loves glamor and the freedom to express their design preference.

Décor Choices

Another aspect that says a lot about your personality in your master bedroom is your décor choices.

For example, light-catching chandeliers and bold choice of colors reveal a fierce personality and individuality. A bedroom with these pieces gives an impression that this is a space that you’ve created to celebrate who you are and what you like. You love being a statement maker and strive to ensure that all your décor pieces, whether geometric wallpaper or a bold headboard work together to create a coordinated look.

An eclectic style with a vintage rug and modern blinds show the complexity of your style choices. It shows your love for different styles as each style represents your interests and dreams.

Having everything in your bedroom color-coordinated shows that you are a prime perfectionist.  It shows that you prefer a neat bedroom. All your beddings, curtains, rugs, and storage boxes all have a similar color scheme, and any art in the room only adds to your personality.

Furthermore, a master bedroom with few décor pieces and one color scheme indicates a minimalist. It reveals a person who is more traditional and prefers to have control over his/her choices.

Final Thoughts

Your master bedroom reveals a deeper insight into your personality. The color scheme and décor choices could indicate your traditional or conservative nature, an effervescent personality if you love bold colors, or your curious nature if you love experimenting with different décor styles. All your choices and preferences reveal a lot about you and the kind of space you consider your getaway for comfort and relaxation.

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