Is a Cooling Mattress Best for Hot Sleepers?

When it comes to searching online for a new mattress, there are dozens and dozens to choose from so how do you know if a traditional memory foam mattress or a cooling memory foam mattress is best for you. To begin, let's address the most important question: 

Are You a Hot Sleeper? 

Because we sleep a third of our lives, chances are you already know if you struggle with sleeping hot. But if you're not sleeping well and aren't sure why, you may need a little help in finding the culprit. Read through our short quiz below to determine if a cooling mattress is best for you.  

Do you…

  1. Turn on a fan or open a window at night to sleep? 

  2.  Adjust your thermostat to a cooler temperature at bedtime? 

  3.  Sleep with one foot outside of the covers? 

  4.  Go to bed naked or in your underwear? 

  5.  Have night sweats? 

  6.  Avoid snuggling with your partner for fear of overheating? 

  7.  Throw off your covers in the middle of the night? 

  8.  Keep a glass of water on your night stand to cool you down? __

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you likely sleep hot and would benefit from a cooling memory foam mattress. Find relief by learning more about the differences between traditional memory foam and cooling memory foam mattresses.  

Traditional Foam Sleeps Hot 

If you're just beginning to do your research on memory foam mattresses, it's important to understand that traditional memory foam beds retain heat. In other words, they sleep hot. This common complaint can be linked to the construction of the mattress.  

The primary reason that memory foam has grown in popularity is because its soft material molds to your body, hugging your hips, back, neck and shoulders. To achieve this cocoon-like feel, most manufacturers layer the foam to create a supportive surface. But, in reality, by piling on mattress layers and gluing them together, they're trapping heat and making your body temperature rise as the night goes on.  

Cooling Mattresses Regulate Body Temperature  

To combat this issue, manufacturers introduced gel-infused memory foam mattresses and began encasing mattresses with a cover that also has cooling properties. Gel-infused memory foam is foam that's been infused with gel microbeads. This addition creates a more breathable foam that sleeps cooler and regulates your body temperature while you sleep.  

Gel-infused foam is also denser than traditional memory foam. A denser foam creates a firmer mattress that's less conforming, allowing more airflow to circulate between you and the surface of the mattress.  

While gel-infused foams aid in temperature regulation, a cooling cover enhances the cool-to-the-touch feeling of the mattress. A cooling cover is often woven using fibers that absorb the ambient temperature of the room and wick away moisture, allowing you to sleep cooler and stay dryer as you sleep.  

Choosing A Cooling Memory Foam Mattress 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, consider a cooling mattress like Muse to help regulate your body temperature throughout the night. The top layer of the Muse memory foam mattress is 2" of 4 lbs. density gel-infused memory foam. Beneath the top layer is 2" of memory foam that can be customized to fit your firmness preference (choose a soft, medium or firm using our Mattress Quiz). The foundation of the mattress is 8" of 2 lbs. density core support flex foam. Encasing the three layers of the mattress is a removable, washable cover made with Cold Wire technology that is so cool you can actually feel it through the sheets.  

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