Muse Sleep Doesn’t Believe in “One Size Sleeps All"

With over 7 billion people in the world, believing that we all sleep the same and that every bed should be “one size fits all” is out of the question. Even so, it seems like many people either settle for an uncomfortable mattress or—even worse—don’t know that their perfect bed is out there waiting for them.

Fortunately, Muse Sleep is dedicating to producing a cool memory foam mattress collection with the different bodies and sleep positions of sleepers in mind so they can get the best night’s sleep every night. Here’s how they do it:

We All Sleep Differently

Some people like to sleep on their stomach while others prefer to sleep on their side. Meanwhile, some people are traditional back sleepers, and others fall somewhere in-between. Muse Sleep mattresses are made with premium memory foam that supports and contours to your body shape. So, no matter your preferred sleeping position, there’s a Muse Sleep memory foam mattress that will sleep perfectly for you.

Six Sizes

Mattress size is the factor most people look for first and can also affect your sleeping comfort. Most couples will opt for a king or Cal king while others might only have the space for a queen. Or maybe you’re single but love the feeling of stretching out on a memory foam mattress king size without touching the edges. Whatever the case may be, Muse Sleep offers a size for anyone: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and Cal king.

Three Comfort Options

Like the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, everyone has a sweet spot that helps them sleep comfortably. Muse Sleep offers three firmness levels—soft, medium, and firm—so you can find that perfect sweet spot. Each cool memory foam mattress is created from three layers of foam, including a comfort layer formulated to give your body its desired support. They also feature “cool to the touch” Diamond Breeze Fabric, which absorbs and dissipates ambient heat.

Not Sure Which One to Choose?

Not everyone is a mattress expert, but the team at Muse Sleep lives, breathes, and sleeps—well, sleep. With their knowledge, Muse Sleep created a simple Sleep Personality Quiz that helps you determine the right mattress for your sleep preferences. From your body type to your sleep position, the number of people who will use the bed, and more, after answering all of the questions the intelligent quiz will provide you with a recommendation.

Try It Out

Sometimes we need to sleep on something before committing to it. When you buy a Muse Sleep memory foam mattress, you get to sleep on it for 120 nights. And if you decide you need a different size or firmness, they'll work with you to help you get the best night's sleep.

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