The Best Mattress Protector for a Memory Foam Mattress

Pat yourself on the back — the hard part is over — you've purchased a brand-new bed, but have you found the best mattress protector for your memory foam mattress? Choosing a mattress protector for your new memory foam mattress is critical. Failing to safeguard your mattress can result in spills and stains that will void your warranty.   

Whether you've spent hundreds or even thousands on a mattress, covering it with a mattress protector will preserve your investment for years to come. Adding this layer on your bed can protect you against allergens and dust mites. Plus, most are waterproof and easily washable if you spill a glass of wine, or your child wets the bed.   

When searching for a mattress protector for your memory foam mattress online, keep in mind that the phrases mattress protector, mattress pad, and mattress cover are all used interchangeably. Typically, a mattress protector is waterproof, while a mattress pad or cover is not.   

A waterproof mattress protector is the best option for memory foam. While memory foam can be spot cleaned, it's easier to cover your mattress with a protector to make washing easier.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress Protector  

Washable Mattress Protector

Care Instructions   

Think of your mattress protector as an insurance policy for your new memory foam mattress. It serves as a barrier between you and stains caused by urine, blood, and sweat. Because it's difficult to prevent spills or stains, you want to ensure that your mattress protector includes care instructions.   

In most cases, the mattress protector slips off each corner of your mattress and can be washed on a low heat setting and tumble dried on low. A low heat setting will protect the waterproof and cooling features of your mattress protector.  

If you're worried that washing on a low heat setting won't kill bacteria that may build up on the protector, use washing detergent formulated for cold water temperatures.   

Cooling Effect  

If you sleep hot or have night sweats, you may be hesitant to add a mattress protector for fear that the added layer will trap heat. Most waterproof mattress protectors are less breathable than a mattress pad or cover because they contain plastic. The plastic works to repel moisture and prevent it from seeping into the memory foam.   

To sleep cool, while safeguarding your mattress, look for a mattress protector made with a phase-changing material. Phase-changing materials absorb the ambient temperature of the room, making your mattress protector feel cool in comparison to your body temperature.   

Mattress Protector with Warranty

Warranty Coverage  

Just like your mattress, your mattress protector should have a substantial warranty. Most protector warranties last eight to ten years, which is the lifetime of most online mattresses.  

You want to buy a protector with a lengthy warranty because if the product fails and ruins your mattress, the manufacturer will be responsible for replacing your mattress, not you.  

Before purchasing a protector, read the warranty information associated with the product to ensure coverage in the result of faulty workmanship.   

Keep in mind that older adults who suffer from incontinence or children that commonly wet the bed may need an extra mattress cover between the mattress protector and bed because most waterproof protectors are not designed to shield against large amounts of fluid.   

Our Recommendation for the Best Mattress Protector for a Memory Foam Mattress  

The Muse Mattress Protector is our recommendation for a protector that cools, can be easily washed, and includes a ten-year warranty. The phase-changing material on the top of the protector keeps you cool and comfortable, while a waterproof barrier on the bottom keeps you safe from stains. The protector is available in a twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and Cal king size.   

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