What's the Best Mattress for an Adjustable Base

Adjustable beds continue to increase in popularity, leaving many to wonder what's the best mattress for an adjustable base? In the past, hospitals primarily used adjustable beds for patients, but the convenience of being able to adjust the height of your head and feet up to 70 degrees with the touch of a button is now available for in-home use.   

What are the Benefits of Adjustable Beds?  

Adjustable bases are ideal for individuals or couples who read, watch television or snack in bed and prefer to do so with their head or legs elevated. By reclining your bed, you're able to quickly adjust your position without having to use pillows for support.   

Beyond convenience, elevating the head of the bed can offer much-needed relief for people suffering from certain health conditions like heart failure, lung disease, asthma and even heartburn. Raising the foot of the bed can improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs and feet.   

By purchasing a split king adjustable base, you can even adjust the position of a snoring partner at night without disturbing their sleep. Elevating their head can help open their nasal passages, making it easier for them to breathe and allowing you to achieve more peaceful sleep.    

Why is Memory Foam the Best Mattress for Adjustable Beds?  

When shopping for a mattress to be used on an adjustable bed, memory foam and latex mattresses are the most popular choices. While a hybrid mattress that includes memory foam and coils may work, it will not be as flexible as a memory foam or latex mattress.   

If you buy a reclining base, you want to ensure that you buy a mattress that will conform to your body's curves without creating painful pressure points. Memory foam is the best choice when it comes to offering comfort and support. In fact, memory foam mattresses have the highest customer satisfaction rate, above latex, hybrids and inner-spring mattresses, according to the third-party review site Sleep like the Dead.   

Memory foam or gel-infused memory foam mattresses are ideal for adjustable bases because they're flexible enough to move along with the base and durable enough to last for the life of the warranty, no matter how many times you move the bed up or down.   

A latex mattress is designed to be supportive like memory foam but offers more bounce—a feature that you may be used to if you've been sleeping on an inner-spring mattress.   

If you're shopping online for a mattress for an adjustable base, you may lean toward a latex mattress because some report that it sleeps cooler than a traditional memory foam mattress. However, if you search for a memory foam mattress that combats heat retention with gel and features a cooling cover then overheating at night will not be an issue. 

Things to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Base:  

  • Buy or use a memory foam or latex mattress on an adjustable base. Avoid buying or using an inner-spring mattress as it doesn't offer enough flexibility.   

  • Look for a bed that is 12" thick or less. Anything thicker than 12 inches will not be as adaptable.  

  • When shopping for an adjustable base and mattress, check the return policy and warranty information before purchasing. If you want the ability to return the product if you're not satisfied, you should find a mattress and base that offers free returns and a warranty that protects against manufacturer's defects.   

Our Recommendation for a Memory Foam Mattress to Use on an Adjustable Bed  

When shopping for a memory foam mattress for an adjustable bed, consider a Muse mattress. It is 12-inches thick and contains three layers of memory foam, so it will flex and adjust easily with your reclining base.   

Traditional memory traps heat. Muse regulates your temperature while you sleep by combining a top layer of gel-infused foam with a cooling cover to wick moisture away from your body.   

When buying a Muse mattress for an adjustable base, you don't have to compromise on comfort. Muse is available in a soft, medium and firm, so if you purchase a king-size adjustable base or split-king base, you can select two twin XL mattresses to customize the firmness for you and your partner.   

With a 120-night trial, free shipping, and free returns, you can try the mattress on an adjustable bed in the comfort of your own home, risk-free. Prices start at just $650.  

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