The Power of Diversity at Muse

There are over 7 billion people living in 196 countries around the world. And despite our common threads, we're all unique in shape, size, personality and preference. At Muse, we believe in celebrating those differences—inside the bedroom and out. Take a peak under the covers to learn more:

What Sets Us Apart

Working at Muse is a daily reminder about the power of diversity—diversity of personalities, of cultures, of ideas. Our differences are what make our world such a fascinating place to live, travel, eat and sleep. With offices in the United States, China and France, our international team has worked for over a decade to create sleep products for every sleep personality.

Our Concept, Your Choice

The concept behind Muse was not to just create the best mattress or pillow. It was about creating the best mattress and pillow for every body. Regardless of whether you're short and stocky and sleep on your side or tall and thin and sleep on your stomach, we have a mattress and pillow set that was engineered with you in mind. The ability to choose your firmness level and your pillow loft support is what makes Muse a stand out in the sleep space.

Our Muse is Great Design

One of the benefits of having a global team of product designers is that each one brings to the table a different perspective on blending style with innovative fabrics and foams. That's why our diverse line of mattresses, pillows and protectors perform as beautifully as they look.

Our Universal Belief

You would never choose a generic vacation over one tailored to your individual interests or choose a mediocre meal over your favorite cuisine. So why would you opt for a one-size-fits-all mattress or a universal pillow when you could define your own level of comfort? At Muse, we believe you deserve to sleep like you—not like everyone else.

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