How Not to Celebrate National Public Sleeping Day

It’s that time of year again… National Public Sleeping Day! That special day where we all take some time to reflect on why the heck you're exhausted in the middle of the day. While others may try to encourage you to celebrate this random holiday sprawled out underneath a shade tree in your local park, at Muse, we believe that the best sleep happens behind closed doors. Now don’t get us wrong, the occasional nap can be a joyous relief from the stress of our lives. But if you are relishing time to sleep outside of your own bedroom, then what's going on under the covers?

A Church

If taking a siesta in the back pew of a church seems like a revelation to you, you must not be sleeping on three layers of personalized memory foam comfort.

The Beach

If heading down to the beach for some shuteye in the sun sounds like paradise compared to your uncomfortably hot mattress, you probably haven’t heard of our phase-changing Cold Wire Plus fabric. It moderates overheating, keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

The Library

If resting your head on a stack of books from the Astronomy section of your local library reads like a dream, you clearly aren't using a pillow with a loft support that conforms to your body type and sleep position.

The moral of our story? If the idea of getting better sleep is leading you away from your mattress, then maybe it’s time for a bedroom makeover. This National Public Sleeping Day, take our Sleep Personality Quiz to find the mattress and pillow that’s right for you. 

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