How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Leaving Your Bed

For those of us no longer living the single life, Valentine’s Day can mean a lot of things. On one hand, the excitement of a romantic evening with your S.O. is something to look forward to. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is an over-priced, hectic race to not disappoint that special person in your life. Amidst the chaos of pricey prix fixe dinners, tracking down a bouquet of roses, and racing around town in the coldest weather of the year, the joy of just being with that person you love can get lost. That’s why this year we are recommending a new take on this day for lovers. That is, to celebrate Valentine’s Day without ever leaving the bed. And if you think this post is just telling you to get physical, then think again. Below are some tips to make this Valentine’s Day more memorable, affordable, and sooooo comfortable.

Share A Romantic Meal

Dinner Tips for Valentine's Day I believe it was Bill Shakespeare who wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Smart guy. Billy knew that romance and calories were a pretty perfect marriage, so on February 14th, it’s best to celebrate that marriage. And because you live in the 21st century (and not the 16th) you don’t even have to cook the meal yourself to enjoy it in bed. Just use a food delivery app like Seamless to order your decadent entrees straight to your door. Fancy, romantic dinner while in the comfort of your own pajamas? Our heart is a flutter.

Watch A Romantic Movie

Do you know what makes watching a romantic movie not fun? Watching it in a room with three hundred other people. Valentine’s Day is not about being with a lot of people—it’s about being with that one person. So why not stay in bed, fire up Netflix, and turn your bedroom into a private theater. After all, the popcorn is cheaper and stealing a kiss mid-movie is much less weird.

Read Romantic Poetry To Each Other

Before there was Twitter, poetry was the preferred choice of communicating big ideas with as few words as possible. For those who have only dabbled in prose, you’re missing out. While telling your paramour how you feel about them in your own words is sexy, try doing it with the help of professionals like Sylvia Plath. “I dreamed you bewitched me into bed and sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.” Is it getting hot in here?

Extended Napping

Cuddling Up This Valentines Day If you think you need to be conscious to enjoy V-Day, then you need to wake up… and go back to bed. Napping, cuddling, spooning, snoozing—call it whatever you want—getting nice and snug with your partner and doing nothing can really be, well, something. While this may not be the activity that gets you the most likes on Instagram, it is certainly the most affordable… and most adorable?

The Opposite of Extended Napping

We said earlier that this post was not just about what happens between the sheets. However, if you’re already in bed and find that food/Netflix/poetry/napping combo is working… play on. Choose The Sleep That Is Right For You So this Valentine’s Day, cancel the dinner reservations, get away from the crowds and get into bed. To help set the scene, all lovers can use our Coupon Code: BeMine150 and save $150 on any new Muse Mattress. A gift that you and yours can both enjoy long after those roses are gone.

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