The Ultimate Dreamy Bedroom Checklist

Whether you spend your nights on an endless scroll on Pinterest or searching for #designinspo on Instagram, bedroom envy is a real thing. After all, your room should be your oasis at the end of the day. And, in case you were wondering, a mattress on a floor and a few worn posters on the wall just doesn't cut it post-college—you're adulting now, remember. If your bedroom is in need of an upgrade, here's a checklist of things to consider and a few designer shots to inspire your creative side.



The right lighting can set the mood or keep you up at night. While we're all for a little romance and a glistening crystal chandelier overhead, consider adding a lamp to your nightstand for a dimmer glow before bed. Studies show it'll help you fall asleep faster.



Succulents, furry rugs, candles, works of art (or your kiddo's latest masterpiece) can all give your bedroom the wow factor you've been looking for. If you're on a budget, just add vases of fresh-cut flowers to liven up any space and add a pop of color.



From traditional flowers to clean lines and modern prints, your bedding says a lot about your personal style. But why stop there? What's under the covers matters too. Hello, Egyptian cotton.



They come in all shapes and sizes (and no, we're not talking throw pillows). The right pillow for you depends on many factors, like your body type and sleeping position. Lucky for you our Sleep Personality Quiz will direct you to the pillow of your dreams.  


The Mattress

Best for last? We think so. While it definitely won't be the most glamorous item you buy for your bedroom, it's a critical piece of the puzzle. It's where you retreat after a rainy day. Where you cuddle with your SO. Where you Netflix and chill. And where you sleep at least eight glorious hours a night—if you're lucky.

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