The Spirit of the Holiday

As a company with friends and family scattered across the globe, the word “community” can be hard for our team to pin down. Since establishing our office in Charlotte we have sought to look closer to our immediate community. Closer to the faces, businesses, and homes we encounter every day. It is there, just a few blocks down from our own office, we discovered Beds for Kids.

Beds For Kids is a Charlotte-based non-profit with the sole mission of providing beds and essential furniture to children and their families in need. Since 2011, their small, hard-working team has been responsible for delivering over 5,300 beds and 48,000 pieces of furniture to families in Charlotte.

If those numbers shock you, you are not alone. We were troubled to learn that in Charlotte alone, 17,000 kids will go to sleep every night on the floor. Most without even a pillow to call their own. After speaking with Daniel Fogarty, the executive director of Beds For Kids, we saw an opportunity to help. Since then we have partnered with the organization to donate pillows to Charlotte children and families and establish donation points with local apartment complexes. It was a start.

Our Office Holiday Party

As we planned our office party, the idea of tacky sweaters, Michael Bublé, and egg nog didn't feel right. We decided that the time and expense allotted should go to something more in the spirit of the season. So this past week we joined Daniel and his team for one of their daily delivery routes. Along the way we saw something that we don’t get to see in our sales reports. We saw our products go to people that needed them. The experience was humbling. A reminder that many of us are fortunate to only be in want of things, while many others live in need.

ViscoSoft was founded on the principle that a good night’s sleep should be accessible to everyone—regardless of where you lay your head at night. We are grateful this holiday season to be able to impact our community. To touch those closest to us. To not lose sight of the value of a good day’s work and a great night’s sleep. So as we admire the houses with the bright lights and lush trees, let us not forget those in the community whose homes are not so brightly lit. Their trees not so full. It is those homes where the spirit of the holiday can truly come alive.

 For more information about how you can support Beds For Kids, visit their website

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