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The Pros and Cons to Sleeping with Your Pup

The Pros and Cons to Sleeping with Your Pup

If you have a pup, it’s pretty much guaranteed that either they sleep with you or that you’ve seriously considered allowing it. The jury is still out on a definitive answer on whether it’s a smart move, but here are some pros and cons to help you make the best decision for your little family!


1. Up Your Mood

  • This one is a no brainer for any dog mom or dad: Letting your dog cuddle up with you at night is shown to increase feelings of comfort and decrease anxious thoughts and feelings.
2. Safety First
  • Your dog may alert you to anything out of the ordinary at night, making you feel safe and secure as you sleep.
3. Warm & Toasty
  • In the cold winter months, your dog’s body heat (much warmer that humans) will keep you cozy all night! 


1. Don't Have a Reaction

  • Letting your dog sleep in your bed may aggravate your allergies. This will be unique for each person and could even be seasonal, so it may only be a concern at certain times of the year!

2. Don’t Let Them Disrupt You

  • If your dog tends to move around a lot, it’s a no-go. Dogs full sleep cycles are shorter (about 3 per night vs. 1 per night for humans), meaning that they will wake up more often. This may cause them to move around to get comfy again and disrupt your sleep.
3. Bigger isn’t Better
  • The larger your pup is, the less qualified they are to bunk with you. Bigger dogs will take up too much space and even minimal movement could be disruptive.
4. Consider Your Partnership
  • Having your pup in the bed with a partner could get between intimacy and cuddling at night, things that are proven to significantly bolster high quality relationships. 

Verdict: Test it out and see what works for you, your pup and, if necessary, your partner! Sleeping with your dog can be a great, comforting experience and could lead to a happier and more content mindset. If your dog gets antsy or aggravates your allergies, it’s not worth losing sleep over. Grab some extra cuddles during the day and find another comfortable place for them to rest!

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