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5 Choices to Make if You "Sleep Hot"

5 Choices to Make if You "Sleep Hot"
  1. The Right Temp
  • Studies show that everyone should be sleeping with the temperature between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit. If you tend to get hot when you sleep, choose the lower end of that spectrum!
  • The Right Sleepwear
    • Clothing that will keep you cool at night should be loose and made with a light material like thin cotton.
  • The Right Mattress
    • You can choose whatever kind of mattress you’d like, but if it’s memory foam make sure it uses cooling technology or is made from latex, which will keep you cooler that traditional foam. You can also invest in a cooling mattress topper to make sure you’re not sleeping on anything that might trap heat.
  • The Right Bedding
    • Choose a cooling pillow made from latex or bamboo and sheets made from a light cotton, just like your sleepwear.
  • The Right Spot in the Bed
    • Sleeping with a partner will keep you extra warm, so make sure you have enough space to distance yourself and stay away from their body heat. Unfortunately, if you sleep hot, you might have to keep the cuddling to the couch!

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