The Truth About Making Your Bed

We live in an age of constantly being told we “should” be doing something. Maybe it’s taking some specific supplements, not watching so much Netflix or eating zero grams of sugar, ever? But none are as old as the declaration (probably from your mom) that you need to make your bed. It’s just one more thing on a list of things you should be doing for some vague reason or another (that doesn't really make sense to you). Yes, maybe it would be nice if you had the motivation to make your bed all neat and tidy every morning? But also- isn’t it just going to get messed up all over again that evening? It turns out that the truth about making our bed is a little more complicated and nuanced than it seems on the surface…

It can be hard to start the day on the right foot, and we don’t always know what it is that sets the tone for the day. If you begin each day by immediately making your bed, you’re setting the tone of productivity and accomplishment. We all want to feel like we have control over our days, lives, and decisions. Our brains will take note if we start the day by accomplishing something, however small. And not only are our waking hours are affected by this decision, but sleep studies show that people who regularly make their beds report having a better night’s sleep than those who choose to eave their bed messy. This goes to prove that the cleanliness and tidiness in your bedroom space have an impact on rest.

If you don’t feel like making the bed will personally do you any favors, think of it as preserving your money. Making your bed and fluffing your pillows will keep your linens and pillows in better condition and lasting longer. When it comes to your pillow- allowing it to stay in the same position it was in for sleeping may cause it to lose it’s shape and need replacing.

So long story short- yes, you should be making your bed. Luckily this suggestion comes at no cost to you, requires no significant lifestyle changes and still has a massive impact on your life! 

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