Weekly Sleep Hygiene Tip: Create a Relaxing Pre-Bed Routine

One thing that will help you fall asleep easier, ease anxiety, and sleep your best is to create a soothing and relaxing pre-bed routine. It doesn’t quite matter what your routine is (although there are some stipulations), but what is essential is that you have a set routine that you engage in every single night. Although everyone’s sleep routine may look different, we have some ideas that might get you started on the right track! Use these ideas and some of your own to create a pre-sleep routine that feels right for you and your family.

Health: First things first- do you have medications or supplements that you take in the evening or right before bed? Some people might incorporate melatonin or magnesium into their nighttime supplement routine, as those are great supplements for sleep health (although consult with your doctor before incorporating any new supplements). Have a glass of room-temperature water or hot tea to drink while you are winding down for bed. You’ll stay hydrated, and a warm decaf tea will help you to relax as well.

Relax: Maybe then you’ll move on to something relaxing? If you have a nighttime skincare routine or you love to shower or take a bath to wash the day away or calm yourself, try that next! If you are interested in essential oil’s, maybe now is the time to fill a diffuser with a relaxing scent like lavender or eucalyptus in your bedroom to create a relaxing environment?

Quiet Your Mind: You may want to try a simple, short meditation to quiet your thoughts and signal to your mind that it can rest and not busy it’s self with anxiety anymore. If you don’t meditate, you could try journaling or a simple breathing exercise; both may help to calm the brain.

Read: Try reading a chapter or two before bed as part of your routine. Reading is a great way to wind down the brain for the evening (especially compared to television). Maybe have an educational/non-fiction book each night, or possibly you prefer fiction? Either way, keeping a reading routine could be a great way to stay up-to-date or educate yourself while winding down for bed!

Regardless of what you choose to incorporate into your pre-sleep routine, the most crucial part is that you stick to this routine and create something that realistically works for you, your life, and your schedule. Creating a pre-sleep routine (one that is the same each day) will signal to your brain that you are preparing for sleep and it will naturally start to wind down on its own!

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