Things Other Than Counting Sheep (For When You Still Can’t Sleep)

We all know the feeling... We get in bed, ready for a relaxing and restorative night of great sleep, and then the hours go by... Sometimes it's our brains on overdrive, other times it may be that your body is hyped up? Either way, it's a frustrating feeling and we're here to help! Counting sheep is old news, use the following tips next time you find yourself lying awake in bed and see if they help!

Choose a High Number and Count Backwards. Pick a random high number, like 158. This hard and slow process will bore your brain to the point of falling asleep naturally.
Visualize a Calming Atmosphere. Try to visualize yourself in a comforting environment you already know or a very serene location like the beach or woods. If this is hard for you, try to use a guided visualization online or from an app. Absorbing yourself into a calming environment should ease your thoughts and lull you to sleep. A visualization (guided or not) may also help you to have peaceful dreams!
Breathe Deeply. You probably already know this one, but it may be the most important on the list. Breathing deeply for an extended amount of time is relaxing, good for both your mind and body.
Brain Dump. If you’re having trouble sleeping, get up and journal for 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to make any sense or be in complete sentences, just get it all out on the page. You may find that after letting your brain run through all of it’s anxieties you feel more at ease and able to sleep.
Go to Another Room. If all else fails, go to another room and do something relaxing (like reading). If you repeatedly have trouble sleeping at night, you don’t want your bedroom to become a stressful atmosphere. Get up and move locations and don’t go back to your bed until you become sleepy again.

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