Sleep Hygiene Tip: Create a Sleep-Inducing Environment in Your Bedroom

Use the following tips and start sleeping better tonight!

  • Use blackout curtains to create the darkest environment possible. Light is a powerful indicator to our brains that we should be waking up, so if there’s excess (or any) light in your bedroom, it may disrupt your sleep. If you have trouble getting up in the morning in a dark space, consider a dawn simulator to help you wake up naturally. If blackout curtains don't interest you, try an eye mask as a simple alternative!

  • Use a white noise machine or sound app (phone on airplane mode) to create a barrier against outside noise.

  • Keep your room temperature from 60-67 degrees. Lowering the temperature in your bedroom helps your body to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the entire night.

  • Don’t use any devices in your bedroom; in fact, don’t use your bedroom to do anything except sleep. Our brains make powerful connections, and we don’t want to start associating our bedroom with anything other than rest. If you are laying in bed watching TV or responding to emails, you may have trouble winding down when it’s finally lights out.

  • Make sure your bedroom stays clutter-free. Mess causes unnecessary stress and anxiety, which is not conducive to a sleep-inducing environment.

  • Last but not least- make sure your mattress, pillows, and linens are as comfortable as possible. You should invest in a mattress and pillows that are the right match for your sleep needs and comfortable, quality linens. 

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