Train Yourself to Become a Morning Person With These 5 Easy Steps

Science has shown us repeatedly that being a morning person is superior. Early risers tend to be more motivated, happy and recent studies show that it might even make conceiving a child easier! Many of us have repeatedly tried (and failed) to become someone who loves those quiet early morning hours, but the truth is- practically no night owl just wakes up one day and loves being up at the crack of dawn. It takes weeks, if not months, of consistent effort to really settle into this new pattern. But we promise, the rewards are great! If you follow the tips below consistently, we promise that you’ll be be happily enjoying the sunrise with the rest of the morning larks in no time!
  1. Go to sleep earlier. Duh! Yes, this might be self explanatory, but you’re still going to need to try to get the same amount of sleep. Try creating a really relaxing bedtime routine for your new bedtime to make sure that you’re signaling to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep earlier.

  2. Go to bed when you get tired. This one might be cause for the second “duh”, but here us out. Most people are on a routine with their bedtime and the time they wake. This means if you are especially exhausted, you may ignore that you’re body is ready to rest. Especially when you’re changing your schedule, go to sleep when you get tired!

  3. Stop pressing snooze. Use an app like Sleep Cycle to wake you up during your lightest sleep, and then don’t press snooze. Like at all. Not Once. You’re not getting back to deep rest and you’re just putting off a more productive morning.

  4. Get up and out of bed at the same time each day. Getting your brain used to waking up at the same time everyday is imperative to waking up easier and enjoying your mornings. Although your early alarm clock might be torturous at first, if you create a routine, your body will get used to it faster!

  5. Give yourself something to look forward when you get out of bed. Whether it’s giving yourself 10 minutes to sit with your morning coffee or a brisk walk outside, use that extra morning time to gift yourself something you enjoy. If you create a nice ritual for yourself, you may find that popping up out of bed might be a little more exciting!

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