What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleep

Determining the ideal temperature setting for sleep is critical if you want to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. If you're too hot, you may wake up sweating. If you're too cold, you may wake up shivering. When it comes to adjusting your A/C, you want to achieve a happy medium.   


The Ideal Room Temperature for Sleep

Experts recommend aiming for a room temperature between 60 and 67 degrees. If you want to save money on energy costs and do what you can for the environment, install a programmable thermostat that will automatically drop a few degrees around your bedtime each night. This cooler bedroom temperature will help your body drift off to sleep.  

Why Sleep Cool?

Your body responds well to a cooler environment because your body temperature decreases naturally to induce sleep when you lay down. At bedtime, your body sends cues to your brain to lower your internal thermostat. However, if your bedroom is too cold or too hot, it can make it harder for the body to achieve its desired goal. To give your body a head start when it comes to sleep, avoid extremes and stay within the recommended climate range.   

The Best Room Temperature for Toddlers

Maintaining proper heat and air conditioning settings for sleep is essential at every age, but if you have a newborn or toddler at home don't make it too chilly in your house. Instead of 60 to 67 degrees, stay within the 65 to 70 range and be consistent.     

Other Factors to Consider

If you still have trouble achieving the optimal temperature for sleep, you may need to consider other factors. Reevaluate your sleep space with this list of seven tips for sleeping cooler. If your mattress is causing you to overheat, it may be time to upgrade to gel-infused memory foam or a bed with a cooling cover.   

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