A Few (Sadly Convincing) Reasons We Should All Stop Eating in Bed

Yes, we are all saddened by this info… Eating takeout in bed is a real guilty pleasure around here! For us on the Muse team, our beds are our favorite places to be... a sanctuary. But, in the spirit of learning more about sleep hygiene and getting the best night’s sleep possible, we learned some things. One of them being: eating food in bed is really not cool. Here are some reasons why…


You’re Probably Over-Eating

It’s fairly likely that the reason any of us are eating in bed in the first place is to get cozy with a movie or Netflix and decompress. Unfortunately, when we distract ourselves while we’re eating (like watching a show or reading) we are much more likely to overeat because we’re not paying attention.

*P.S. You risk heartburn and indigestion when you’re not sitting up completely to eat, since you’re not really in the best position to digest your food properly. Not fun…


Sleep Hygiene

If you start to associate your bed with things other than it being a restful place intended for sleeping, your brain may have a hard time turning off when you lay down to actually sleep. Our brains will make an association that bed is a place to relax if you strictly use your bed for sleeping. Doing this is proven to make getting to sleep easier at night!


And If the First Two Aren’t Good Enough…

Even a minimal amount of food crumbs can attract a variety of bugs (mainly ants and cockroaches) to your bed and surrounding areas. Enough Said.


If You Still Can't Imagine Changing This Habit

Try Meditating:

  • Meditate for 10 or so minutes as soon as you get home from a hectic day so that you don’t destress with comfort food in bed.

If You Must Eat in Your Bedroom, Create a New Spot:

  • If you have roommates and eat in your bedroom to get some alone time, get a comfortable chair with an end table or sit at a desk, so that you can have a nice spot other than your bed to enjoy a meal alone!