Muse Sleep’s Memory Foam Mattresses Provide the Support and Comfort You Need for a Better Sleep

In a highly-competitive industry, Muse Sleep’s memory foam mattresses stand above the rest due in part to the quality of materials and how they strategically design each mattress. Since its founding in late 2016, Muse Sleep has stood by the core belief that everyone sleeps differently and deserves a mattress unique to them. 

To help make that possible, Muse Sleep carefully selects the materials and foams in each bed—from their memory foam mattress king size to their twin XL—for a cool sleeping experience like no other. Let’s take a closer look at the individual layers and components of every Muse Sleep memory foam mattress.

 Premium Zip-Off Base Cover

Starting on the outside, the memory foam mattress has a durable base cover that attaches to the cooling cover and zips into place. The base cover is woven with luxurious chenille fabric to provide a lavish and premium look. Although your fitted sheet will cover it, it’s this attention to detail and emphasis on premium quality that sets Muse Sleep’s memory foam mattress apart from the rest. 

Supportive Foundation

Support for your joints and overall body starts with a strong foundation. The memory foam mattress king size from Muse Sleeps features a dense 8-inch base layer to provide the foundation your body needs for comfortable, restful sleep no matter your sleeping position. The foundation is incredibly durable and will hold up for years while also providing phenomenal edge support.

Custom Comfort Memory Foam

This layer will be different depending on your selected comfort level (Muse Sleep offers soft, medium, and firm), and is where the real individualized support comes from. This layer of responsive comfort foam will conform to your body and sleep position for a sleeping experience unique to you.

Temperature Regulating Gel Foam

A common complaint that many people report with memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hot. While it’s true that traditional foam sleeps hot, thanks to Muse Sleep’s gel-infused memory foam layer, their memory foam mattresses actually help regulate body temperature rather than trapping in heat. The 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer found in the cool memory foam mattress from Muse Sleep also provides motion isolation, pressure relief, and body contouring support.

Washable Cooling Cover

Finally, the washable cooling cover on the Muse Sleep memory foam mattress helps keep you cool while providing a luxurious feel for added comfort. The cover features Muse Sleep's innovative Diamond Breeze Fabric, which is made with phase-changing material that actually absorbs and dissipates heat for a cool-side-of-pillow feeling for your entire body. The cover is removable and machine washable and protects your mattress from dirt, liquids, and more.

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